Does paying off judgment increase score?

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Finally I have been able to pay off the judgment in full. But I wanted to know without having to pay for my report, by how much will my score increase? Are there other ways to increase my score quickly? I do not need a loan immediately but want to build up a good credit record. My score before I paid off the judgment was 630. I do not have any other baddies, except for a few late payments that are about a year old.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi brick,

It is difficult to say by how many points your score will increase, after you pay off a judgment. As far as I know, your score will not improve immediately, as a judgment either paid or unpaid will remain on your report for 10 years. But you should make sure that the judgment is listed on your report as " Paid". The reason is that a paid judgment, though derogatory, is still better than a unpaid one.

In order to increase your score, you should look for any possible errors on your credit report, and dispute them. You can find some useful tips to increase your score quickly, if you visit the following link:

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winnie (not verified)

Hi brick,

If you make timely payments for all your current credit accounts, your score will gradually increase. As the judgment gets older, it will have little or no affect on your score.

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Having a judgment on your credit report is right up there with loan defaults and repossessions as one of the biggest negative hits to your credit score.

Even you paid or unpaid it still remain on your credit report.

For now, get a copy of your credit report, review the error. But it takes 7-10 years before you can dispute the errors.

Improving score, it takes time. There is no a magic for that. I will give some tips of how to raise your score. Just click this link

Hope it will help you.

Good Luck!

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Unpaid or pay off the judgement, still on your credit report. It just show to your credit report "paid". To improve credit score it takes time. No fix of time of when it gonna be. Just always pay on time.

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Pay off it could help to rebuild credit. But to improve it takes time. Apply your patient on it. Just keep pay on time. That's the best way.

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