Paid off debt listed with diff CA - Need help

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I settled a $600 credit card debt with a CA. But unfortunately I did not know about pay for delete. I wish I had come here earlier. But the same card debt is listed on my report with the name of a different collection agency. What can I do now? I am already paying 2 installment loans and a few credit cards and that hardly leaves me with any extra bucks. I want to get it straight before this collection agency starts calling me again for the same debt. Are there any letters I can send now? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi kate,

You can send a "Goodwill Letter" to the collection agency that accepted your settlement amount. A "Goodwill Letter" is a written request to remove the negative listing. Whether the collection agency agrees to remove the paid off accounts, is absolutely their choice. But I have heard that a "Goodwill Letter" is often effective in a situation like yours.

Good luck to you :)

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Jane (not verified)

Hi kate,

I agree with rachael. I have had 3 paid accounts removed, by sending goodwill letters. But next time, I will be careful and send a "Pay for Deletion Letter", before I make payments. You can also do the same.

Keep me informed

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