Are law firms not supposed to reply to validation letter?

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A law firm called me for a credit card debt 5k. I told them that I would send them validation letter to see if the amount they mentioned is correct. But the rep insisted on making a payment plan on the phone. He said that they are law firm and not debt collection agency, who are supposed to reply to validation letters. He also continued that I would have to inform him within 2 business days if I agree to the settlement or they would proceed with the lawsuit. They are trying to settle for 3.5k. Shall I agree to it without validating the debt?

Hi Duncan,

Any law firm trying to collect debt are subject to the FDCPA rules, and are required to validate your debt. I have heard that law firms are very aggressive in collecting debt, and often threaten to sue. If they indeed sue, you can request the court to demand a validation of the debt from the law firm.

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Hi Duncan,

I agree with scott. But even if the law firm is able to validate the debt, you should not accept any settlement offer, before coming to a pay for deletion agreement. You must send them a "Pay for Deletion Letter". This letter will ensure that the law firm reports to the credit bureaus to have the debt accounts removed, after they are paid off. You can find a sample "Pay for Deletion Letter" in the Letters of Credit section.

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