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Submitted by Optimist on Mon, 08/24/2009 - 05:09

There is one of my credit cards (CHASE) that has the status of "Charged off" 06/08 and was given to a CA but has not been sold. The current agency is not reporting it on my credit, only CHASE is, however, CHASE is unwilling to deal with the closed account directly.

Now, I need a little help with the following:

1) DV to CHASE or CA?

2) Then PDF. If PDF accapeted, PFD will delete what? ALL the history (Trade Line ) that I had with CHASE or only the bad portion of it? Or PDF cannot be applied to CHASE?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Optimist

Send DV to the collection agency and once they do send you a reply validating the debt, then send them a PFD request. Since CHASE is not willing to deal with you directly you might have to deal with the CA itself unless you can get hold of someone superior to whom you have been dealing with in CHASE and then try to convince him as to why you want to work with them directly and not through a collection agency.

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Thanks Carol!!

Just one more question.

Knowing that CA is not reporting and ONLY CHASE is,

What will PDF accomplish?

PFD will delete what: The whole credit card record? ALL the history (Trade Line) that I had with CHASE? Only the bad portion of it? Or PFD cannot be applied to CHASE?


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