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I owned a small s corp biz for two years with a friend. I left the business and my partner was late with the payments on the company's wells fargo credit card which I had taken out for the business. Apparently there was an ultimatum for payment which I never learned about (they stated they couldn't get in touch with me) and last January the WF collection department took $3700 out of my personal checking account. Upon learning of this, I called and worked out a payment plan for by ex biz partner who has been paying on a monthly basis as soon as he gets paid from his job. However, WF does not honor the plan, they continue to try to access my personal account to withdraw money, and the gentleman from the collection department continues to call and threaten that he will send this to their attorneys, that I don't understand what is at stake here, that he is bending over backward for us, etc, etc. Until now (7months into the problem)my credit score has not been affected and my partner has showed good will in making the payments as soon as he gets paid. Is this just a strategy to test us or is it worth for WF to go thru all the paperwork of hiring attorneys and taking us to court? How does one communicate to these people the goodwill in paying the debt without getting harrassed all the time? They refuse to give us a written document where the payment plan is explained.
Any feedback will be appreciated.

You may need to get an attorney yourself, this will continue until they see that you mean business, the first clue is that they will not give you written paperwork, they have to. A legitamate arrangement should be a written agreement. I would get a hold of the attorney generals office in your state and let them know what is going on. This may save you attorney fees also, these collections people seem to have free reign of harrassment and will continue to suck money out of you until you or someone who represents you gives them an education on what collection laws are.

Get your facts together and then google your state attorney generals office. The one here in Pennsylvania is wonderful in helping consumers with bottom feeders like this.

what they are doing is wrong and I have a feeling that once you get the attorney general involved that you will have a written agreement and be treated with more respect.

keep us updated and let us know if you have any other questions.

normally the attorney generals offices will have an online complaint process, but you have to have some information to give them. If not you can just call, but when you use the online form you can print a copy for yourself.

if you need help finding you attorney general, please post your state.

goodluck and keep us updated. :D

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I have seen with lot more people that they have styarted business but just because of lack of resources they are running out of business.and thus they are failing in business.

If govt can support them in this difficult situation they will surely get back and lead a nice business.

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aBR7vG I cannot thank you enough for the blog article.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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Credit card account ending in 9496. I have been making payments of$260.83 from my checking account. I would like to know what I still owe. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

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