Dispute Verification made things worse...now what?

Submitted by sarahmed02 on Thu, 08/27/2009 - 21:15

My credit report recently showed a $59 collection from AT&T for an old bill (closed but had a remaining balance)...in the final communications from ATT I do not think this was clear, but regardless, this is on my credit report now. I decided to try a Pay for delete, but in all my research I learned it was best to start with a dispute verification...the dispute verification resulted in the company verifying the account with 2 of the bureaus...the other one deleted it. Unfortunately, the update made my score on the other bureau go down. I otherwise had a 700 plus score...after the collection (mid-600's) now low 600's on the two. I am not sure what my next move should be? I would like to try a PFD, but I am worried any more contact with the company will make my score go down further and/or result in their updating it on the bureau where it was deleted.

I just posted an article about how bureaus verify the information. I think it will help you to read it. Click on "Optimist's page" or just type METHOD OF VERIFICATION – SECRET CREDIT REPAIR TOOL on the search box. Hope it helps!

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What sort of collection notice is this? Is it from IRS or from the collection agency?

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