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my dad (out of state) rec'd a call today from the ACM group stating they were with a litigation group and wanted to serve me with a summons...they left a phone# and file #...I know this is collections agency and have never rec'd anything from them -prior collections activity..I believe they have bought some old debt of mine and are trying to collect (could be out of SOL) question is I want to send them a validation and a cease and desist so i can find out who they are and what account this is...can I send this cerfied and use their ref# since I don't know what account they are trying to collect for?

Art, If you have the name of the agency you could look on your credit report. It will have the most recent collection agency listed. You can also find out when your SOL is up. Look at the original lenders mark and see where it was reported 30 days late..Do a little math and see if it is passed the number of years for the SOL. I would still send them A DV letter. Call the number back and ask them what debt it is and the address of the agency. You can also find their address online with a little research.

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Art (not verified)

Thanks Fire--I can't find em on the credit report ...hate calling these jerks..they called me a few weeks ago and I answered thinking it was some else...guy tells me he needs my address so they can serve me...I told him that there is always someone home and they are welcome to deliver these "papers" anytime after 5pm as I will be home...I also said my # is listed, on google etc.. I have been sued a few times from a few other coll. agencis in which a process server comes to my house and have even left notes to call if we miss big this a scare tactice for i think as i have heard this before...can i send them a DV letter without knowing what account they are calling for? I am afraid of giving up information that will re-start the SOL?..they ask me to verify my home adress (is that ok?)...what about SS#?...always scared I am giving them that magic info ....

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Hi Art

Sending a DV letter is absolutely fine. It is actually the very first step and besides this you may also call them to ask about their details. Check with your original creditor regarding whether this company owns your debt or not. Check to see if the debt had past the SOL. If it has then you might not want to pay. However, this is your choice whether you want to pay or not.

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Hello Art,

About giving personal information, I say the following when asked about it:

"Sorry, I would not verify my personal information with you other than my name and address. I do not know who you are even if you tell me that you represent CompanyName, anyone can say that. Please send me all the information you have about this debt that I allegedly own you in order to conduct my own investigation."

They will probably insist that you owe them the debt and try to get you to admit - DO NOT ADMIT TO ANY DEBT (Even if you owe)!

Keep saying this over and over and over...

If you think about it.... anyone can call you and say that you owe them... before you even talk about the debt you need to have in front of you some paperwork about the debt and also investigate it. Then you can call them and talk about it.

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