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Submitted by maxsun2204 on Wed, 08/26/2009 - 18:33

hello pple,

i have to confess i screwed up with my credit cards.

i had no job in last year n so i cudnt pay my interests. i got a job 6 months ago but it took me a while to get setled. now the issue is i have been recieving calls from colelctors last 6-8 months n i cudnt take those calls.

now i wanna get off the hassle and look for any kind of debt settlement or management.

i was curious if any one of u can guide me with some valuable suggestions

i shall appreciate u guyz help a much



Hi maxsun2204

I would suggest call up your creditor(s) and let them know of your situation and that you are eager to pay up the debts. Request them for a modification or a settlement whichever is suitable for you. Few of your creditors might not agree to it but those who do, deal with them as per your convenience. Those who don't agree, deal with them patiently. Be polite with all creditors. I hope they will co operate with you. Let me know if there is more.

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Anonymous (not verified)

thnx for the reply carol.

i was thinking can i hire any attorney or any kind of management group who can do the work for me, is it a good option. if so who

also if i go for settlement how long would it effect credit history or even if i start payin slowly is the damage already done
thanx a bunch

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Damage is already done now hiring an attorney will only save from the further repurcations.So it is advised to go for an attorney.

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