Can I take my name off an auto loan?

Submitted by vkymonkey on Mon, 02/02/2009 - 19:55

I want to take my name off of an auto loan with my ex, is that possible and how would that affect my credit score?

If you are on this loan as a co-signer then you can not take your name off until the loan is paid back in full. A bank will not remove a name from a loan because if one defaults on payments then they have another person to go after. Plus your income probaly went into figuring out the loan payments. Is the vehicle close to being paid? Is the payments behind? If the payments are behind it will really effect your credit score. You could ask your ex to take out a personal loan if he can to pay off the remaining amount and then sign it over to him..this would not effect your credit but will look good because the loan was paid off early..unless the payments are behind.

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Hi Vky
If you have signed the loan agreement with your EX, then you cannot remove your name from the agreement. Your liability towards the auto loan will automatically expire once the debt is repaid in full. Now, because the loan is taken jointly by both of you, your credit score will also be affected along with your EX if the debt is not repaid back in time. Moreover, if you do not pay off the debt and the creditor after repossession of the car is not able to recover the entire outstanding amount, he can bring judgment against both of you and can recover the debt by garnishing wage of any of you.

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freda (not verified)

how can I sell a vehjcle to my son that is inmy name or can I add him to the loan

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dharris (not verified)

If I can't take my name off as a co-signer with my ex , how will my credit improve? I can't buy a home because he make sure he's late every month just to hold me back. I can't take my name off this auto loan?

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Unforetunatley until the loan is paid off you may be stuck with your name on it. You maybe able to go to court and sue for the car and if so you will have to take over possesion of the car and pay it up. All the financial responsibility would then be yours. I would visit a court house or magistrates office and inquire there.

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donedeal (not verified)

I have the same issue and even went to court to reqest my namr be removed from the car, which I am the co-signer for. The judge said I'd have to go down to the DMV and remove my name from the car's title and registration and they call the cars lean holder and see what I can do. But there is nothing but to refinance. I want my name off the car.. BADLY!! And I dont want it either but what if I refinance it and remove her and that why I can sell it or get rid of it. My ex wife uses my son against me with this issue.. she wont refinance. wat can i do?

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Hi donedeal

I am afraid refinance is the only option and if your ex wife refuses to refinance, I believe there is no way out. This is as far as my knowledge goes. Maybe you could try to convince her when the time is good :)

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kimmystar (not verified)

my car is almost paid off and I am being garnished. my question is once the car is paid can they touch my car.

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jenny (not verified)

I am the co-signer of my daughters car loan. I want to remove her name from the loan and become the signer. - can this be done?

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i think refinance will help you as you are co signer.
refinance is better option in this scenario.

Mon, 10/05/2009 - 17:24 Permalink your daughter NOT making payments, on the loan? Did you get the loan from your 'personal' bank, etc? If the loan was given from a place where you know the people well, and they KNOW YOU are the only one making payments on it, then it IS possible to change the loan: from you being co-signer to you being the 'sole' person. I agree with the re-financing option, in this case.

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It largely depends on the lender, whether or not he will grant the permission to remove the name of a cosigner. However, if the primary account holder is paying the monthly payments timely, then there is a possibility that the lender might agree to do this.

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brownsugar10 (not verified)

If my brother is gonna refinance my car in his name...can the insurance still be in my name??

Sun, 01/17/2010 - 00:49 Permalink still can have the Insurance in your name. Just a curious question..why can't the Insurance be in your brother's name? Can he NOT get Insurance?

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Bianca (not verified)

I want to refinance my car but my only problem is my mom's friend is my co-signer! I am paying my bills on time i just want to lower my monthly payments so i thought of refinancing my car. Any advice.

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Tony (not verified)

I have been to court 12 times prosee ytd. I have spoken to 4 Judges to hold my ex-wife in contempt not removing my name off the car note or attempting to refinance this car. All the judges have told me is that they will not hold her in contempt if she tried to refinance the car. My arguement was to challenge her to show the court proof of this. She never did.
The problem I had was that every Judge I saw would give her a extension and continue the case but by the time I got to the 2nd or 3rd Judge which was never the same. They continued to give her another chance. It has been 3 years, constant late payments and now the car had been repossed. She than redeem the car which of course shows up on my credit that is even worse than being late. I showed the court how badly she is ruining my credit and now I could lose my job. I work at Electric Boat and they do a Job review for security clearance every 5 years. You need good credit. If I lose my job, she loses $1800.00 of child support money. And of course I will in Jail as soon as she reports no support money.
I asked the Judges if they would not hold her in contempt than at least give me the car back since she has a 2nd car PIF or allow me to pay the car payments for her in lieu of her $300.00 she gets from me as part of her monthly pension award. The car payment was $346.00. I would hold her harmless of the rest. This would be until her credit is repaired and she can get my name off the loan.
The last Judge said "No" but than issued a new Judgement stating she can be up to 60 days late but if over 60 days. She is going to give the car back to the lender! That is insane.. Didnt fix my problem but made it worse. I am being held "hostage" by the court on this car.
My divorce decree clearly stated " She was to take my name off the loan in 90 days after the finalization of the divorce". July 19th, 2007.
My credit is badly damaged and I dont know what else to do? I have tried to reason with the Connecticut Family Court (New London) and my rights are not even considered.
The latest Judgement allows her to continue being late up to 60 days. Even if she volunteered the car back. This is not resolving the problem. My credit has been sabortaged and allowed by the New London Court? I even had one Judge tell me to "Get over it"? This is my life and I spend over$20,000 to get this divorce and to protect my civil rights. This one Judge whom made this comment, stated she is to hold me harmless? THIS DOES NOT FLY WITH THE CREDITITORS.
What else is there for me to do?
I am writing the 3 bureaus and showing them the divorce decree with the latest new Judgement. That's all I can think of.
I ordered all the transcripts and the reason why was to send my story to Channel 3 and 8 and the local newspaper to basically show how my rights were not protected and that all the money I spent to have a lawyer help me was a waste of time. Plus to show this easy black and white case turned out to be a nightmare!
Is this because I am a male? God knows if I stopped paying child support or her alimony and pension. I would be in Jail the first contempt order.
Any suggestions?

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WOW!! Well...I can't really give you 'professional' advice (because I'm not a credit expert). However..I DO want to give you my personal comments. Sounds like your wife is playing alot of games with you (emotionally, etc) and, on top of that, hurting your credit. It's a good idea to write the CB's..good idea. Yes...I DO think you're rights have been violated. I don't think the sitaution should have gone this far!! I'm really sorry you're going through this~~ Is Channel 8 and 3 going to air your story?? PLEASE..I would like an 'update' how your situation is going.

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Matt W (not verified)

How do you remove the primary signer from the car and have it just to the co signer?

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Hi Matt,

As far as I understand, for that you need to talk to your dealer first. The dealer will be able to tell you what you can do to remove a primary signer from the deal.



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Beverly (not verified)

I wish to remove my name from car loan and replace with my son allowing him to take over payments

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Hi Beverly,

You can talk to a lawyer about this However, as far as I know to remove your name from the loan, you need to refinance the car. You can also talk about this to the lender.



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Annie Mae (not verified)

I have paid my daughter car loan off. The title in both our names.
How can I remove my name from this title

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Matt042988 (not verified)

I am selling my car to a friend. Can we refinance it with me still being a co-signer. His name wasn't on original title at all? Please help.

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HI Annie and Matt,

You can first talk to your individual lenders about this. See what they say.



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kdidkels (not verified)

First of all you should talk to your ex and let him know you want to get rid of it instead of taking your name off without him knowing and screwing him over. Secondly, you can't take your name off unless it is payed off so you would have to convince him to sell it to pay it off and then you could buy a new vehicle after that.

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honey12 (not verified)

i finance a car in my name but the car when bad. the dealer took the car back. do i have to pay back the loan

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kara216 (not verified)

my boyfriend financed a car but he needed his friend to co sign cause he had license now his friend wants to be removed from the loan what do he need to do to be removed from the loan

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heyhey (not verified)

You can take your name off the loan if the person and the cosigner goes to the bank they're making payments to and checks if the other has build up enough credit to refinance the loan in just their name (no longer needing a cosigner).

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velma (not verified)

My boyfriends ex and him have a car under both there name and the loan is under his name. She has not be making the payments and the bank is harrasing my boyfriend. She does not want to refinance or give him the car. What can he do in this situation???

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DanielleDavis6… (not verified)

My ex-wife & I have divorced, and she is driving a vehicle that is in my name, I am the co-signer, I want my car back from her how can I go about doing so? And no she isn't behind payments either (unfortuntately).

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Mel (not verified)

My boyfriend's ex-wife has possession of a car. The loan and the plates are in his name, but she uses it. Once their divorce was final, he told her she had to change the name because if anything ever happened, the car and the plates would be traced back to him. She refuses and is dragging it out. A. Does she need to simply refinance it to remove his name and have the car in her name? and B. If she refuses to cooperate, can he just take it from her? He's already told her that he will take it and sell it, but she's a huge bitch and I can see her calling the cops.

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Deb Beckstrom (not verified)

My daughters ex is not paying his cycle payments and she co signed with him and his mom how can she get her name off the loan he is ruining her credit

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erin lynch (not verified)

i recently helped me sister buy a car - it was put in my name and hers. she is very irresponsible about reimbursing the payment which i am making to the allay myself. how can i get my name of this car

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MzAngelia3774 (not verified)

I am the actual buyer of a vehicle, just paid a down payment & 1st payment. A friend co-signed for me, I left to go out of town & he got upset b/c I wouldnt allow him to use my vehicle while I was gone & went to the dealership requested a copy of the key to my vehicle they gave it to him, can they do that? Now he wont return the vehicle back to me, he is hiding it out somewhere & I dont know where, the dealership wont even talk to me about this matter. What should I do? and do I have the right to have my name removed from the vehicle?

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Jesse (not verified)

Me and my wife bought a car together I am the owner she is the co owner she wants the car can I take my name off so she can take over payments

Sun, 11/06/2011 - 09:03 Permalink

I have a few qurstions for you first. First: when you bought the car, did you use just YOUR credit are you and your wife's credit? If the car was financed with only your credit, the place you bought the car from may not let you take your name off of it.

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Cory (not verified)

If divorced and in the decree it states that my ex is taking financial responsibility of the vehicle will this stand with the lender and will I be able to remove my name off the loan? Please advise.

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If the divorce decree states your wife volunteered or was ordered to take over the payments, then, yes..your name should come off of that. But, have to go to court to change this transaction.

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MZ (not verified)

okay so my brother bought a new truck and cosigned his live in girlfriend....well, she took off the day after they bought it and now he is trying to get her off the contract.....can he do that?

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AISHEA (not verified)


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sathishi (not verified)

I am the co-signer of my father car loan. I want to remove her name from the loan and become the signer. - can this be done?

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icedirty (not verified)

my car note is being deducted from my pay check direct deposit! my wife is mad and wants to take her name off as a co-signer. can she do that?

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Daniela (not verified)

I have a loan with my daughter but I just kick her out of the house so she refuse to pay for her tickets so the car is under my name and her name and the loan to what can I do?

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CAR FINANCE (not verified)






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dee (not verified)

My boyfriend is the co owner and he make all his payments on time. Is there any way I can take my name off the loan

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mkr2006 (not verified)

i signed for a car for my ex, cause i am an idiot. he is now gone and i have been the only one to make any payments until today when he made the first one, and the first insurance he paid was this past week. i don't have the money to go and talk to a lawyer because of the other credit cards and debt that he has left me in. he wants to keep the vehicle, and i don't want it. i just want my name off of the loan. is there anyone that knows what i can do if he has bad credit and cannot get a loan himself?

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frankie (not verified)

I went and got a car but i gave the car to my friend and she is making the payments how can i get the car transfered into her name.?

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frankie (not verified)

I went and got a car but i gave the car to my friend and she is making the payments how can i get the car transfered into her name.?

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