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I have a seperate bank account which i put money aside each pay to pay my federal and state taxes as i am considered and independent contractor...if a creditor sues me in court is this money exempt or can they seize it also

Hi imjustwondering,

If this is a checking account it isn't exempt and the creditor can garnish your account if he succeeds in getting a judgment against you. Moreover, the creditor also needs to have knowledge of the existence of this bank account to be able to garnish it.

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Thats correct

If thee is money int eh bank then probably they can get the money

But if you go to the court judge will for sure want to knwo what accoutns and how much money you have to pay that guy incase

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take care of your accounts.creditor can sue you.

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So........if someone IS going to sue you, they need to know about every account you may have? What about IRA's, 401(K)'s, Military savings account, etc? You don't have some kind of protection from any OTHER accounts you may have?

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