Credit score 593, i need a home loan very very badly.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 02/06/2008 - 21:11

im in my early 20's i have very bad credit my equifax is 593, as it stands my credit is low due to being able to pay the bills, so i have a lot recent bad history, but i just started my own business and its doing excellent, i will be able to pay all my bills with no problem. my only problem is buying my first house, i want to buy a house that cost around 250,00
i need a loan.
what loan can i get, i tried to apply to a few online and got denied very quickly.

i want to get the loan for the home before i start taking care of the credit cards, because of the area we live in now, it is not safe at all.
i can pay the loan and the credit cards with no problem, but i cant wait 6 months to a year to get my score up so i can get a loan with a good rate, i dont really care about rates right now, i really really want the loan asap to get my family out of this horrible area.

i appreciate any and all help



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Be aware of loan companies out there that will offer you loans at a very high rate of intrest, you may look at it as an opportunity of a lifetime when in reality, if you can not afford it, you will lose it and end up in a worse situation in the end.

Work on your credit and get the appropriate loan once you get things in order.

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Though 620 is minimum score required for FHA. But any local lenders will help you though score is less than 620.

The rate of interest will be definately more in such cases.

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ehiohn (not verified)

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Mrs.Bridget Oni (not verified)


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what type of company do you work for? how are the intrest rates so low on your loans? how can you guarentee this before you check out someones credit history?

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I don't think my score is near that, so someone like me is out of the question.

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dewilliams30 (not verified)

except for my debt stems from student loans...I was paying 690 to 710 in my last apartment, at 14.56 an hour after losing my job in the latter of 2008, I was able to get approved for another apartment after having to end my lease upon renewal time. They wouldn't work with me at all after paying rent never late for 2yrs straight. So now I a in another apartment paying upon first year 610.83 plus 30.00 flat water fee while making less an hour at 12hr this year the lease term and rate went up to 640.00 plus water fee of 30.00. I don't make enough to get the house that I want and with my credit score of only 593 I will be forever dodging bullets. I will never be able to own a home yet I pay more than what some homeowners pay in mortgage with a home that's in the type of range I am looking for such as less than 70k. I can't afford to put 20% down, I am only thinking like 4% to 5%...I know its not much but its all I can afford to save. With insurance both car and health, and other bills, and or loans I am getting by, and never late. Getting an associates degree didn't help me at all, I make annually less than I owe in student loan debt. But I think that its a bunch of crock that because of my credit score I am pretty much forced to move and move and move because I can't stay in one apartment complex more than 2yrs due to the rate increase in rent.

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Hi dewilliams,

Can you give more details on your credit? I may then be able to help you in improving your credit score. With a credit score as low as 593, you may not be able to qualify for any mortgage. The minimum score for getting mortgage, and that too government ones is 620. For the other loans, you will have to have a greater score.



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Best thing to do is find a local mortgage broker who's been around a while. Bring him/her a copy of your credit reports (sounds like you already have too many inquiries as it is) and have them look it over and make a plan with you. Have them tell you what your scores need to be, how long your credit has to be clean, what kind of proof of income you are going to need and work on it.

You stated that you just started a business - proof of income will be a much bigger challenge than raising your credit score. I've been told I have to have two years positive tax returns - meaning that I can't take the tax incentives I normally take and

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robbed (not verified)

do not trust this person. he will give you the run around and leave you with nothing!!!!!!!!!!
his company has three seperate bank. am capital corp. mortgage close. why 3 names. do not trust

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Hi robbed,

What kind of a company is this? If you provide more information on this company and the person members here may benefit a lot.



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craig ashton (not verified)

i am lookin at this house in griffin,ga very nice home

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micheal scott (not verified)

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dewilliams30 (not verified)

my last credit report states that my credit score was at a 634/640 I am thinking of doing the headstart to homeownership program in my county. Working as a seasonal employee with the federal government for now, hopefully it will turn into something permanent, while I work on owning my own business or gain a successful writing career. thanks for all of your feedback.

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Sueme (not verified)

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bobby watts (not verified)

need a loan for 5000.oo pay it back by month payment

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I think you need to take care of your other payments, so your score will go up...

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Ernestin Guillen (not verified)

When you have a very poor credit history it can eat you up, how you go about fixing it matters. More reason I appreciate XAP Credit Solution. Being able to handle people’s problem efficiently and effectively is a thing worthy of gratitude in all ramifications. What XAP CREDIT SOLUTION did for I and my family is immeasurable, I had a very poor FICO of 420, I had a repo, student loans, car loan, credit card debts, evictions and a couple of late payments. After being convinced by my cousin I contacted XAP and they boosted my FICO to 800 and removed all evictions, late payments and repo. Loans were paid off and credit card debts cleared, without stressing my ass off. I know how unbelievable this may sound but they actually gave me a reason to be happy again. If you would love to engage their services you quickly reach-out to them. XAP is the best and surest means of getting your credit fixed. Don’t forget to mention my name.
Contact Info:
Phone: +1 (972) 597 9704

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Ricky James (not verified)

CONTACT: PROHACK.NET@AOL.COM or +1 (252) 307–3167, FOR CREDIT REPAIR. I tried them and they helped me increase my credit score from 506 - 792 within few days and also cleared all had inquiries and late payments from my report. I have never been a fan of a hacker, but this adventure left a smile on my face. They are so efficient and reliable. Try them (PROHACK NETWORK).

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