collection notice from sentry inc

Submitted by question on Sat, 10/10/2009 - 15:07

i received a collection letter today form sentry claiming that i owe a debt to compucredit; most shoking is that i don't even own that account and it's not on my credit report.
i sent a debt validation letter and will wait for their response and then send another letter telling them that 30 days have passed since i requested a DV letter and include cease and desist terms in that letter.
anyone had that experience; how can i received a collection letter for something i never opened or owed. can they conduct such a scam. i am getting really frustrated.
anyone know how i can exclude my name and information to reach all these different companies; i have a feeling that they have a list that they sell to each other. how can i be unlisted

hi; no that's a different collection letter; it came out of nowhere. you think since the first CA filed a motion against me ; somehow other CA will get allerted and try to scam me by saying i owe them money ; which i don't.
i really want to take my name of any of these lists. how can i stop anyone from getting my credit report information?

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