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My husband needs to boost his credit score by about 65 points. He only has one tradeline and we have no way of doing the piggyback ride thing. Is there any other way of helping his score jump? He only has one card with First Premier. Is there a way of obtaining credit without paying out of pocket or opening accounts.......we are currenly living paycheck to paycheck so this would be really hard to do right now?

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Hi Ruth,

I understand your situation. You and your husband can definitely improve your credit score but it is not possible to tell you whether it will get a boost of 65 points or not. Well, you can open a bank account and keep some amount of money as a deposit in that account against which you can get a secured credit card. This is an effective way to boost your credit score. Apart from this you can also get gas/store cards since you need to make the creditors realize that they can depend on you to pay the debts.

Some of the other ways to improve credit score are, keeping your balance low and checking your credit report to find out if there are any false debts that can be removed from your credit report. Sometimes the debtors can also add their positive rent and utility history to improve the credit score. Try and keep your payment history perfect so that in future you do not have to worry so much.

All the Best :-)

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I don't think the CB's look at the 'Piggyback' thing anymore. A friend of mone did that recently (with her boyfriends credit) and it wasn't 'acknowledged' on HER CR, anyway...if that makes sense.

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Opening a new line of credit will surely help you but again you need to minimise the expenses in order to pay the amount towards the monthly payment of that new line of credit.

I think working extra hours will solve your problems to pay towards the new line of credit.

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see if you cna open somesecure credit cards and make payments particularly

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Can you be a little descriptive about "Secure Credit Cards"?

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if soem one has bad credit, then most of the time it is hard to get a regualr credit card

So peopel can go for secure credit card.

In a secure credit card you will deposti some money in the bank ( Ex; $500) and the bank issues you a credit card with a limit of $500. The money you depositedis used as a security deposti and thats why it is called secure credit card

if you defult ont he payment they will take that money and cancel yoru card

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Thanks Sunnyca for sharing your views on Bad Credit. It would be helpful.

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Credit Mindset, Inc (not verified)


What does your husband need 65 points for??

New House?? Does not seem like good timing if you are pay check to pay check...

New Car?? An even worse idea...

I think you need to focus on your budget, your bills on time and spend conservatively what left over and save again....

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Mostly this is for buyign a house

Car dealers are little different. They sell car to any one and even people with bad credit, but they will charge them hefty interest and when they stop makign payment get the car back and resell it

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