Question about disputes.

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I received a collection notice about 2 months ago so I returned a phone call to the collection agency. I informed her that I was disputing the debt and asked for validation over the phone. I've been reading and it looks like you are supposed to dispute and ask for validation through the mail. Well the account has me and one other person on it, she was unable to verify the debt but called the other party and scared them into making a payment. As of right now it just showed up on my credit report (as disputed) but was never validated. Do I have some legal right since she continued collections without validating?

I'm not sure but I believe once that payment was made it started the SOL all over again on the debt. So now you are responsible for paying it. There are others on here that can give you better advice on this. So just hang in there they should be on shortly.

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anybody know if I have right to get this debt validated still since it is in dispute?

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Yes. Please still make an attempt to have the debt validated via mail. One option is to run your credit and dispute the charge online. Agreed too, that the payment creates ‘activity’ on your credit report and certainly does not help your case. I actually just wrote an article about how to write a dispute letter. I tried creating a new thread in here for it but gave me some SQL error.

Anyway, a couple links for you.

Here’s one to our BlogSpot where the article on how to write a dispute letter is.

And heres a link for where you can get a free credit report and dispute the debt through the bureau.

The payment made by the other party again, doesn’t help- but you can always dispute a debt. Doing it through the bureau activates a process that requires written validation.

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Yes, i think that what is correct. If you validate your debt account over online it would be more useful. Check those links given above through one of the contributor, as i have found them interesting, request you also to go through it.

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