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Freedom, Does piggy backing even work anymore? It use to be a big thing especially for children and parents. I thought there was actually something passed about piggy backing. I am not sure on that but I thought I read it on another post. I am authorized on my husbands Sears card and actually looked and do not see the listing on my credit report. Why would this be if piggy backing is available? If it is how do I go about getting it reported to my report?

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An excellent question! Absolutely! How long have you been on his credit? Fair Isaac cracked down on the piggyback (pb) set up to better define who/what is an official authorized user. The pb process was under scrutiny thanks to a bunch of credit repair companies selling a service that included pb to improve credit scores fast for clients back in 07. So since, if you are doing a pb on a relatives account it should help your score. The term gets a more official title and pb becomes ‘authorized’ users. The boost isnt dramatic but it does ‘help’ your credit score along.

To conclude: authorized users = spouses, children, people with a relationship to the cardholder. Piggybackers = unauthorized.

Now, what Im not 100% on is doing so with a retail account versus a visa, mastercard. Although, if you’re authorized it should show on your credit report.

Try contacting the creditor first, then maybe dispute the fact to the bureau, see if they can research it for you and update your report accordingly.

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Well...I DO have a CC ( only a $200.00 limit) and I've been paying the balance off every month. A $200.00 limit may not seem alot to some people, but, I'm ALREADY finding out (looking at my Credit score) that my Credit score has gone up..just by paying the BALANCE every month!! I've only had it 3 months.'s true!! I love the rest of your advice MIKE...thanks very much!!

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Thanks for the info Freedom. Even I thought that piggy backing is not valid anymore since it was not showing on my credit report. But now I shall do the needful to make it display on the report.

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Yes thanks Freedom, I am going to pull the last report of the year and see if Sears has shown up. I have neen on this account for less than a year so maybe it was going to take a little time to appear. I have pretty good credit but every little bit helps correct. Now authorized users are still not legally responsible for the bill right? I have heard such and actually had a creditor from the past try to sue me for some account I was an authorized user on. I do not want to take that risk again because I still do not know what the account was for. I sent a dv letter and the right before the SOL expired in Nov. So hopefully this is past SOL and done with. time will tell.

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I SHOULD look at my CR again. I KNOW things would have 'fallen off' this year. Ya know......(just some advice to ya'll) someone had told me that "the GOOD credit can 'out weigh' the BAD credit." MY credit is getting MORE positve, as I get things lowered/paid off.

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Sd, you have been working to get your credit cleaned up and I ampersonally glad this is happening. The credit magic forum is an excellent source when trying to get your credit cleared up. Here there is so much good advice from knowledgable people. Keep up the good work.

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I'm slowly, but surely, paying down the debt I already have (car payment, CC, etc). I;ve already seen my Credit score go UP a few points and I'm thrilled!! I was paying 21% my vehicle being financed. The finance company I go through called me up recently and said they had checked my credit to see if they could get me a better rate. They told me my credit score was better than before (went up about 30 points) and they can offer me a rate of 14% now. I was JUST thrilled!!! I'm not trying to get 'extended credit' anywhere......just paying on what I already have.'s really helping me!!

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I was told this past week (by a person who helps build/fix credit) that if you don't have any credit or need a boost, you can get a landlord to give you a "recommendation type letter" on the rental history. She said she's done it on some clients and it's worked. My brother doesn't have any credit, and he can't even get a GAP card! So she recommended this option. She also said that he could get a small loan with local "finance" companies and start there. They usually don't lend more than $300 or so anyway.

I've been looking on here for some type of sample letter on the whole rental history landlord verification letter but haven't found anything. This letter would then be sent to all 3 credit bureaus.

Please advice!

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I did the landlord letter when I bought my home 5 years ago and she is correct it does work. Actually my mortgage company suggested I do this. He just wrote a letter stating I had rented from him for 5 years and was never late on my rent. Now of course this was just given to the mortgage company and not the credit agencies I wasn't aware of being able to report it to them. So I am not sure if a regular letter from your landlord would work or not but it should. I wish I would have known about this as well because it is a great idea. Someone else should be able to help you with the letter part better than me. Just hang in there and good luck

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