Credit CARD Act: What You Should Know

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Once again Freedom, very good information. I noticed a lot of people already seeing their rates going up "due to economic reasons". This of course is all happening before that Feb. deadline. I also noticed how they managed to start raising them about a month before so people can not get fed up enough to pay it off unless of course their pockets were lined with gold. Always something isn't it?

i was out lat week on holiday, sorry for the delayed reply. ALWAYS SOMETHING, right?! We didnt think that we were going to get a break did we?! bwhahahahaha - Grrrrr....

Well First Premier is the worst, taking rates as high as 79.9%. Luckily in a consolidation program like ours they one of the few creditors that go to ZERO. I have 2 accts with them i myself am closing this week and enrolling into our program. On top of everything else, they charge $7.95 for online payments, UGH.... Im threw!

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I hated first premiere. We had a card through them a few years ago. Luckily we kept the balance low. I did not like how they did business or what their credit card had to offer (nothing) so I either paid it off or rolled the little amount over to Discover. We usually only keep two cards in our names but I have a couple store accounts that are really old so I did not shut them down due to credit history. They raised their interest rates a lot so I just make purchases every few months and pay them off the next. It keeps my account active so I do not have to worry about them shutting it down and keeps the history on my report. Hope you enjoyed your time off/.

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