How can you get a debt consolidation loan

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You need to place some documents to get debt consolidation loan like
1. Your monthly budgetas a proof that you can afford the loan
2. Papers to proof that you have enough income to make the payments
3.Extra security and referrer.

a loan is simply replacing one debt with another. Usually with a loan they also do not require you to close the accts your rolling over into the consolidation loan, leaving u open and vulnerable to use the accts again.

now ur back to square one plus a new debt.

the best way to get out of debt is to close the accts and get reduced interest rates - either thru an agency like ours or by dealing with ur creditors direct.

a loan is best for those with stellar credit and a disciplined spending and savings habit, which is not the majority of ppl looking for debt solutions in the first place.

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Well this is very big topic for i am not too much awarer about this And i know that little knowledge is very harmful.....................
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