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Hi All! New here... I have a collection account (paid) with Trojan Professional Services. It shows as a "medical" collection. Doesn't this violate HIPPA??? Can I dispute it and have it removed?? Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi Martin

Do you have the paid in full letter from Trojan Professional Services? This account should be updated with the latest status in your credit file. If the company is not updating your records, it is not only violation of the HIPPA, but also FCRA.

Dispute the item with the credit bureau reporting it. They will check it with the company and send you an updated copy.

According to the FCRA laws, creditors, collectors and the CRAs cannot misrepresent the account. You will be able to charge a case under Section 623 of the Consumers Protection Act if your credit report is not updated with correct information.


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