Secured Credit Cards

Submitted by Derrick1956 on Sat, 05/01/2010 - 21:30

Which Unsecured CC's are the best to get? I am about to get two from somewhere but don't want to make any mistakes now that I am on a clear track of rebuilding my Credit.

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Hi Derrick, your post is a bit confusing, in the thread title u typed Secured Credit Cards, but your post asks about Unsecured CC'S.

Which is it goin to be?

As far as Secured cards go, check out Wells Fargo Secured card. $18.00 fee, and you need a checking account as collateral.

Cant speak for an unsecured one, sorry, best of luck

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Sorry about that. Thanks for helping me out on that. Yes, I was referring to an secured cc. I am wanting to get one but I am not sure which one is good to get. People say the BoA cc is bad and I hear some say its good. However, I am working to get my credit back right and don't want to get a cc that is not going to benefit me having it.

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Hi Derrick,

Before you can choose any secured credit card, you need to know all the options on the card in details. The things that you need to know are the fees on the card, how much do you need to deposit, the Annual Percentage Rate, and what will be your credit limits.

The cards with low rate, minimum deposit, no extra charges are the best. You need to compare all cards available on-line. There are various sites that provide you details on all the cards, so that you can compare.



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