is it worth trying for hardship?

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my wife and i are having financial problems. much of it is from habits of spending but we seem to be behind and always trying to catch up. it was suggested to me that we should try to look into things with drug companies that make the prescribed drugs we take daily for some hardship programs they have. also with our mortgage lender and places like that.

i guess i am wondering if it is really worth trying. my wife and i are both teachers and together make about 90K with 2 kids.

are we even close to maybe getting help from different types of programs?

honestly, i dont know if you qualify or not. but you should try, in my opinion. you dont have anything to lose, worst thing is they will tell you no.

you have a gain/lose nothing situation. if you dont try you are going to still have to pay full price for the meds. if you try, and do get the hardship then you've gained. if they tell you no, you are still right where you were. nothing to lose. so if i were you, i'd try. :)

good luck.

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Hi, i think you should give up a try for this, Since you spend more and more over if you give out try you may also earn that extra bucks!!!

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Reality Check (not verified)

90K and you think you're hard up? I was a single mom on 18K (2 kids too). Put myself through school and worked up to 45K. Under 20K would have considered hardship but at 90K? Come on and cut back your wants and deal with the fact that you can't have all of them plus your needs.

Personally, I think that would be taking advantage of those types of programs...

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Reality Check (not verified)

Oh - AND I have ongoing medical needs too - sometimes you just have to work harder.

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Cut backs suck kido but above has some key points. If ur living beyond your means that should be the first place to make changes.

Closing ur credit cards wud be another good idea, stop spending money you do not have- main reason we're in a deficit.

90k on the books? Slim chance will those records...

My fiance gets her bc from Canada...BC actually, lmao! Anyway...maybe try that- foreign drugs. Her hair isnt falling out...yet.

You cud also call & spk to 1 of our certified credit counselors to admin a free household budget. You may not like the answers and suggestions, but they WILL get you bk on trk.

Good luck

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