Debt - Credit Cards New Rules

Submitted by FreedomDM on Mon, 06/21/2010 - 22:04

Once more another valuable post. There is one thing about the new law that I do not really care for. Recently I was going to pay off a zero interest for one year (got it before the new laws were put into place) and was told by the store "they would try their best to apply the money I paid towards the item I wanted it to be applied BUT with the new rules it actually was suppose to be applied to the highest interest item'> With much insisting I did get it put where I wanted it but wondered where they really allowed to put it elsewhere?

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Consumers think they are getting 'credit', for themselves, applying for 'high risk' CC's. Speaking from personal experience, it's not credit at all!! It's just more debt..and fees on top of more debt!! If you DO have a CC, don't pay the minimum payment every month. Pay the balance in full every month!!

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I am currently trying to rebuild my credit and have opened a credit card account with Premier Bank Credit..the interest is kind of high but they report to credit bureaus and it has a low limit...300 dollars so I will be paying it off every month and not use it very much...I believe this advice came out on a money education show, can't recall the name but it had some good advice as to credit and money issues...

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I was surprised when I received my credit card bill and realized that almost half of my credit available was ran up by fees...I was a little confused about my balance...I used it a little bit and checked my balance..It hasnt changed, I guess its falling into the next statement...I plan to pay off the balance every month and keeping current on it...Happy 4th....

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A few times, I couldn't just pay the entire balance off..I had to make the monthly payments. However,..when I DID make the monthly payments, I paid alittle more than the required payment. So,..that did help, alittle.

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