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About amonth ago I went on a spree and applied for, and was approved for several GEMB cards--Wal-MArt. Penneys, American Eagle, Belks, and Amazon credit.
I never used the cards because GEMB said it was supicious activity because all of the accounts were opened within days of each other. I had to send in all kinds of verifications.
Now today I call them, and all of my accounts have been closed. They said I will be getting a letter. So now, I have all of those inquiries and nothing to show for it. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

I have never heard of this happening, hang out, maybe some one will come along and comment on your statement.

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I haven't heard of this either...My guess would be to try and get those inquiries removed since they themselves thought it was suspicous activity...good luck..

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Barbara_Elena (not verified)

The accounts were closed because you did not use them. Closed accounts can also affect your credit score. If your accounts have been closed because of your inactivity you can call your creditors and have your cards restored.
Try to re-open your GEMB cards by talking to their representatives and also ask them if they could open it without hard inquiry on your credit report. You can call this number 1 800 542 0800 and inquire about your inactive GEMB cards.

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Call GEMB and talk to them. they were right to be concerned, it was a red flag. Do you want all of those cards? are they store cards or majors?

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