Winn Law Group- I just received my debt validation letter

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I just received a debt validation letter back from Winn Law Group. The documents seem to be complete... and the letter states that they are continuing the collection activity....

I don't know what to do....Should I send them a debt settlement letter? The interest is almost same as the prinicipal owed's crazy...

I want to send them a settlement letter for just the principal amount...but I feel like they want to sue me to get all the fees and the interests..too...

I am worried that they will sue me.. Because their first letter before my debt validation request letter stated that they will sue if no response within 20 days...and it seemed like they are REALLY going to sue....I don't want to go through the court process.

What should I do....

Most of the time they will only sue as a last resort, if you are willing to work with them then usually they will not go through with suing you.

They don't want to go through the court process either, it is as much of a headache for them as it is for you.

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Hi Lauren,

Do not panic. They might not sue you, if you are willing to pay them. Why don't you call the collection agency and try to negotiate the debt with them? If they settle with the amount you are offering then you will not be sued.

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KeelBill (not verified)

It's so sad. These 'people' buy old debts (i.e. Capitol One) and use these sharks. CA Statute of Liminitations is 4 years. So here comes the sharks (AKA Winn & Simms, now The Winn Law Group) and muscle in and threaten, call you continually at work AND at home for money. Do not give them money. I gave them $500.00 and they sued me anyway, with a process server at my door.Uggh!!!! Anyway best thing to do is file Bankruptcy Chap 7. Stops them in their tracks. DO IT IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY. Use a process server (cheaper) than a lawyer. I finally did after fighting these ass*** for over 5 years! (You will never pay them off if you start the debt again anyway, yes they will garnish your check) So fight them at the balls...Use Chapter 7 and knock 'em out 4ever! Just put in the Chapter 7 all debt you want to be done. You do not have to put any other credit cards on the Chapter 7 that are in good standing! Hope this helps

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mlaudig (not verified)

Original suit was NDS, LLC, asked for validation never received any answer. Now, 4 years later we are short selling the house (0$) and Winn Law Group and NDS, LLC sent liens against us to the Escrow company. Unbelievable, both are trying to collect on the very same Capital One account we paid in settlement in 2007.

Don't want to file bankruptcy, now what?

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Can you tell me whether or not you ever tried to dispute this item with the credit bureaus?



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srosaloki (not verified)

go to any law library and look up TITLE 1.6C, ask for help if you need to. find out if they are breaking the law. My experience with them is they probably are. I am at the law library today to file a complaint with the State Bar and the State atoorney General's office. they are very deceptive in their lawyering and i suspect that they are using the law to garner extra money not owed them.

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I would do as srosaloki says to do, many time collection agencies do break the law when they are pursuing a debt. Get to know the laws, so they don't bully or take advantage of you because you don't know the laws.

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Have you by any chance called your state attorney general? I say this a lot on here but have found out personally by doing this, it is sometimes your quickest way to get results. I had an old collection that I was being harrassed to pay. It was bought over and over. somewhere along the lines they made the debt look newer than it actually was and it put it back before the SOL expired. By working with the atty general I got it resolved with in a n few days. Good luck.

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RJ (not verified)

These guys picked up my son's debt from another collection agency in Florida (same type of people you're dealing with at WLG). The Florida collection law firm was asked for proof of debt, went on about the fact that the letters they've been sending were proof of the debt. I explained I was a paralegal and seemed to understand the law more than they did, all that did was infuriate the guy and he started yelling at me. I gave up and told my son to let it lie, since he had no money anyway. The Florida AG actually stood up for them. Now they have sold the debt to WLG, and I think its the best thing possible because if its done right, you can win. California has good laws against shady lawyers. I have seen posts where WLG have filed a bogus proof of service with the Court. I have had this happen to me before and because I monitored the Court's closest to me and the ones closest to Plaintiff, I was able to appear in Court (much to their surprise), I ultimately won and the case was dismissed. This current claim is in Small Claims Court and depending on where you live, you may not be able to monitor SCC, only Superior, but contact your SCC and find out how to monitor, call every week if you have to. Remember to be exceptionally nice to our overworked and not paid Court Clerks. Also, SROSALOKI is absolutely right on, file complaints with the State Bar of California (I can't ost the link, but type into your search California State Bar Association, you'll be lead to the right area at the right of the page) I looked up WLG's record, it is clean. So that tells me people are not filing against them. So either we are all liars about our debts, or just lazy. File with the CAG if you've followed the law and they haven't (type into your search engine California Attorney General and start under consumers collection agency) I believe strong enough laws are in place in California to help those who are innocent, but you've got to stay on top of it, even if you didn't do anything wrong or its not your debt. If someone stole your identity, you'd not stop until it was corrected, well, this is the same thing. They are trying to steal our money. Some people legitimately owe their debts and this is a collection agency law firm, an area of law for which I've worked. And frankly, getting money for our clients for dead-beats who just don't want to pay was very rewarding. But I also didn't work for an attorney went after bogus claims. Just saying people, stand up and fight when its right. Also, remember to vote this year, kick out the bad guys, and hopefully the new blood will be good guys. We have the power, even if you feel powerless sometimes. Be strong and good luck to all.

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Bill (not verified)

I love Rj advice , i have been serve by them and they served me at home a year before they did . the only money the can seem to get is from my bank, because it onnly thin g on file. I am contacting AG about this because of the service.
I think the lawhould be a TTRUE officer of law must shelve notice , not a reffered out dope head

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Bill (not verified)

my god someone else got the dopehead to show up at their house too, who says yoy shold talk, not they are going to do
And acording to what i seen the served date and when they did
now they aqlso took money for pay od a disablitynperson, federal law nono right?

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Mina (not verified)

They said they served me with a severed me a few years ago. They never did. They left the pw on my front door. No envelope. When I called them to complain they said that someone opened the door and signed the documents and they stated they person's name was Maria. There is no Maria at my apt. Me and my daughter live there. And her name is not Maria. This debt is over 10 years old. They are terrible

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