Can a Orginal creditor that sold your debt be on the same re

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I see on my report that the OC & the CA are reporting
me at the same time. I thought that if an account was sold that it was no longer the OC''s to report.can they do that

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Even if a debt has been sold off to the collection agency, the account will still be listed under your original creditor. However, the status of the account will be closed, and the creditor won't be able to add any interest and fees onto the existing balance.



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Now here is a question I keep getting confused on a bit. Aaron commented that no more interest can be applied after it is sold off. Can the collection agency add interest or does this apply to both the original creditor and the collection agency or just the original creditor?

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it depends on state law. most collections can accrue interest, not so sure about fees though

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Barbara_Elena (not verified)

Hi Anthony,
Yes, the old creditor as well as the collection agency both can report on the same debt at the same time. Try to contact your creditor, negotiate with your creditor and request him to withdraw your debt from the collection agency as you would like to deal with your creditor directly.

Make it clear that you want to make your payment to him and not to any collection agency.

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I've had the same problem...OC and CA reporting on the same debt. I DID try to 'dispute' the OC. However....the CB's were coming back and saying the "debt was validated". How can the debt be validated, by the OC, when they no longer own the debt?!

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