Verizon Charge off that is not mine.

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The only delinquency I have on my credit report is a charge off for 1400 from verizon wireless.

I joined a credit monitoring website last july 2009.. an i was taken aback by a hard inquiry by verizon wireless. Ive had tmobile for 7 years. neve went to verizon. i called verizon and was told an account had been opened in my name and was 2 months behind for a total of 900! After some research i found out that this account was opened by my mother because they required her to pay a deposit for obvious reasons.. i live on campus at school however my permanent address is still my mothers address. I filed fraud with verizon an was denied because my address was the same as my mothers an she refused to pay. i was stuck with the bill that i could not pay before it charged off. ofcourse i did not know about the pay for delete and i just went ahead and paid the bill. i called the collection agency and they said it would not be removed. a few days after i made the full payment i received a letter from verizon stating that it was confirmation that amendments have been filed to have the above referenced account as deleted from m y credit report and to allow 60 days.

After 60 days i noticed that it was still on my credit report. i called verizon and they stated that it will not be removed and that they sent me this letter by mistake.

even if this was by mistake.. does this letter give me leverage to have it removed?

Any advice would be appreciated.

just another side not..

if my credit scores are ~653, 657, a 679 with the charge off.. how much would my score increase after its removal?

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The letter does give you leverage. remember, you notified vz of the fraud and they refused to resolve it. did you file a complaint against your mother? unfortunately, that may be your biggest obstacle.

I would file a complaint with the FCC and your AG. in the meantime send that letter to all of the credit reporting agencies.

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I did file a fraud complaint against her.. they said because my permanent address is the same as hers, that I had given her my social and permission to use my name to open the account.


So I complaing to the BBB, FCC, sorry for the ignorance, but whats an AG? I also sent a copy of the letter and a statement to all 3 major CBs. Pat Loverde at the Verizon contacted me and basically reiterated what the fraud investigation team stated and said that because The addresses are the same and it is my social, that I am responsible. Basically, you can open an account in anyone's name in your household, and they are legally responsible, I asked this question and he said yes. He also said the letter means nothing. At this point my only recourse seems to be legal action. Ive already contacted my lawyer, and I have all the document's ready. If anyone has any other ideas please let me know. Also, will the credit bureau's honor the letter they sent me that i sent them? or basically will the just verify the debt again? I dont understand I have a legal document from them stating something and they wont even honor it. accident or not it was sent , someone had to prepare it and send it. and a judge will not see it any differently.

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AG= Attorney General

did you go to the police about your mother? you need a police report to keep pushing the fraud

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AG= Attorney General

did you go to the police about your mother? you need a police report to keep pushing the fraud

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I do not believe that verizon would say this. I believe you but my hubby had something like this. I believe you. My hubby had something like this happen to him because of his mother. She opened numerous accounts and had his credit ruined. Our bank worked with us in helping dispute and get things removed. Some of these charges happened while he was still living at home. It was a long process but with the help of the bank, atty general, and our own time we eventually got EVERYONE of them removed. I can not see how just having the same address provides proof. Call your attorney general. The number will be in the phone book.

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Barbara_Elena (not verified)

Try to place a fraud alert on your credit report and review your credit report, the fraud alert will prevent your mother from opening any more account until and unless the problem is resolved.

Write a letter to the fraud department of the company in question and provide supporting documents. Don't forget to send these letters through certified mail, so that you may have some proof about when the company received your letter.

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