I failed to make payments on court judgment (credit card). I

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I failed to make payments on court judgment (credit card). I had a Trustee that I was making payments but I had to stop because my company closed. They offered a settlement and I cannot meet their terms. What should I do ?

Hello and welcome. While since they do have the judgment they will be able to collect no matter what. With this in mind have you asked them if there was any other way to possibly work this out/ Can you perhaps make payments on the settlement amount at all? You will have to come up with some way to pay them back or they could very well attach your bank accounts and any other income.

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Hi dwlemke,

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I am afraid you can't get out of this without making the payments. As there is a judgment, you are required to make the payments. If possible you can try getting a part time job atleast to pay off the judgment amount, or may be borrow from a relative or friend.

As fireyone said, if you can't pay the judgment amount the company suing you can either garnish your accounts, or can put a lien against your property (if you have any).



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