How do I find ou if I have an actual judgment against me in

Submitted by Lola on Fri, 12/19/2008 - 22:19

I had my credit pulled and to my surprise I have a judgment against me. I was never served with a summons to appear. How do I find out if there is a judgment against me?

Hi Lola
First of all how did you realize that there has been a judgment against you. Have you received any letter from the court or did the creditor called you up and told you that he has brought judgment against you.
Secondly if creditors pull out your credit report, there is a hard inquiry in your report which may lower your credit score. Now since you have not applied for a new line of credit, it means that you have not authorized them to pull out your credit report and the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that no unauthorized hard inquiries should stay in your report. So you can easily get the hard inquiry out of your report.

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I found out about the judgment through a mortgage company, I'm trying to purchase a house. I feel defeated right now and maybe I should make payment arrangements hopefully everything will turn out ok. What is a hard inquiry?

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Normally when you do not repay a debt to the original creditor for a continuous period of six months, they sell it off to a collection agency generally at 50% of the outstanding debt value. These CAs sometime buy these debt in bulk and so they do not pay attention to collect the original documents from the actual creditor. Now when the CA asks the debtor to repay back the debt and the debtor asks for debt validation they cannot validate the debt within 30 days from the date of receipt of the letter. As per the fair debt collection practices Act, if the creditor or the CA cannot validate the debt within 30 days they lose their right to collect the debt and so they sell off the debt to another CA at about 30% of the outstanding debt amount or even less and this process continues.

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Whenever you apply for a new line of credit such as a housing loan, or a credit card, the creditor pulls out your credit report to check your credit history. This is known as hard inquiry and it lowers your credit score by as much as 5 to 10 points. Fair credit reporting act only allows authorized hard inquiry to to listed in the credit report and that too for 2 years. If you find any hard inquiry in your report, you can ask the enquirer to get it removed from your credit report. You can find sample letters in this forum itself if you visit the link letters of credit

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Good Morning Lola,
If you want to find out more about the judgement that was issued against you then I would advise going down to your local courthouse and inquiring about it. You may also call down but going in person would really be a much better idea. They should be able to give you more information on the judgement and what your options are at this point.

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I got a letter in the mail saying I should pay $100 a month until the account is paid off. Is there any way to go to court to have the judgment set aside to have them write out the payment terms in a better way? Meaning the payment due date , the amount and so on.

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I am not real sure on this one but I believe that the debt must be repaid in full before the judgement can be removed. You can call the couthouse and ask or wait here and someone else may know. Have you tried calling the company that brought this judgement against you and set up repayment terms. This way you can discuss payment datesa and the such. Do you know how old this judgement is?

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This judgment is 1 year old and I called to discuss it and make payment arrangements. A few days after that I got the letter in the mail but I think it should have been more detailed. Can this judgment be set aside until they mail me a more detailed agreement?

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I also failed to mention they sent me a financial discloser form to fill out. Do I have to fill this out and send it eventhough I didn't get a detailed payment agreement?

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Hi Lola
You must have received a copy of the contract when you have signed the agreement. Now, when you ask for debt validation from your creditor or the collection agency who has purchased the debt from your creditor, the creditor or the CA must provide you with a copy of the original signed credit card contract to validate the debt. If they cannot provide you with the copy of the original contract within 30 days from the date of receipt of the debt validation letter, then you are no longer liable to pay back the debt as per the fair debt collection practices act.

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Hi Lola
If you think that you do not owe the debt and you are not willing to pay $100 each year, you can file a motion to vacate the judgment. If your request is accepted by the court, you will receive a court date and the creditor will receive a letter from the court regarding the motion. In such cases, the creditor may also contact you and agree to a repayment plan for repayment of the debt.

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If someone finds out that they have a judgement against them can they file this motion to vacate the judgement at anytime or is there a time limit? I thought maybe they would have some kind of time limit of like 30 days from the time the judgement is issued. What does a person do if they do not find out about a judgement untl a couple years after it was issued? Do they have an opportunity like this also?

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ricka streeter (not verified)

I am disabled and have a credit judgement against me.

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The creditor can bring judgment against you either to garnish your wage or your bank account. Now, if you are on social security, your ss benefit cannot be garnished. In order to find out whether there is a judgment against you or not, you need to visit the court from where the judgment was issued and pull out a certified copy of the judgment.

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UPSET (not verified)


Wondering if you can give me some advice? 3 years ago I had a problem with my property and due to the negligence of my HOA there common ground trees damaged my property. I went back and forth with them on the phone asking for them to removed the trees, but they never did and it cause my pool pump to burn out due to the dropping from the tree. So i had refused to pay my dues until I was reimbursed something. Mean while they went and put a judgement agaist me for the dues. Now i am out of work and my family owns a restaurant in my town and they are now trying to say that I work for my family and i do not. They want to do a garnishment for my wages but i do not work and my father is the owner of the business.

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As far as I know, even if you do not work, the creditor can bring judgment against you to garnish your wage. However, it is not necessary that they need to garnish your wage right now. Judgment has its own Statute of Limitation which starts from the date the judgment has been passed against you and its duration varies from state to state. If you are employed within the SOL period, the creditor can start garnishing your wages anytime within this period.

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johnsonC4561 (not verified)

I just found out that I have a jugement against me from a car accident 13 years ago in new mexico for 3000 and when I asked about who signed the papers that were never served to me they gave me a name for whom I don't know from adam but I can't get my DL renewed until I pay this 3000, is there no time limit or what about this person who signed the papers in my name

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Statute of limitation on Judgment in New Mexico is 20 years and so the creditor can still recover the debt either by garnishing your wage or your bank account. The judgment, however, may not appear in your credit report because it stays on your report for seven years from the date it has been passed. If you have not received the judgment notice from the court, you can file a motion to vacate the judgment within 180 days from the day you come to know about the judgment.

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Colgate (not verified)

you may also try to settle the debt with cash. In my case they settled for 30% of what the settlement amount was. It was worth it in the long run for me, because they removed the judgment from my credit report altogether.

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nalo (not verified)

how can i found out if i have a old judgement that is nolonger on my credit

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luis g (not verified)

i have a judgement against me that i just found out.This judment since 2004 im sure this judment not mine what could i do. :?

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Te (not verified)

can a person on social security and disability be garnished for a balance due from a car reprocession

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ken mac (not verified)

i"m on social security disability and i can"t afford to pay was a car lon from 1993.what to do.

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TONYMONTANNA (not verified)


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Hi ken:

Social Security Income (SSI) cannot be garnished. Thus, the creditor or collection agency won't be able to take your SSI. However, you can try to settle the judgment amount. This can lower the debt amount by 40-60%.


As your insurance company is dealing with this case for you, you can discuss about this with the insurance company. Another thing is, if you had reported about this accident to the police, you can use that evidence to prove that you are not at fault.



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grace rivezzo (not verified)

how do i know if i have a judgement against me

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Hi Grace,

To know whether or not you have a judgment against you, you can pull a copy of your credit report. If a judgment has been entered against you, it will be reported on your credit report.

Another thing that you can do is visit the county court or state court, and check from there if you have a judgment against you.



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michael powers (not verified)

is there any judgements or warrents for me

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Hi Michael,

To find out if there are any judgments or warrants against you, you will have to get hold of a copy of your credit report. If there are any judgments against you, it will be listed there on your credit report.

You can also find out if there are any judgments or warrants against you by visiting your county court. From the courts record book, you will be able to find these out.



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dylynn (not verified)

the statute of limitations in New mexico for a judgment is 14 years. You have one year from the time the judgment is handed down, not from the time you are made aware you have a judgment, to appeal.

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David1956 (not verified)

I am disabled and my only income is from SSDI. My only assets are a small amount of money in my checking account. I have a judgment on my credit report that was put there when I was not working anymore, but before I started receiving SSDI. How can I get the judgment removed, short of paying it? Am I considered "judgment proof"?

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Jaknik (not verified)

If they cannot provide you with the copy of the original contract within 30 days from the date of receipt of the debt validation letter, then you are no longer liable to pay back the debt as per the fair debt collection practices act.
The statement above, by Justin, is 110% incorrect. The CA can validate at any time, be it months to years......There's nothing in the FDCPA even remotely stating what Justin has inappropriately written.

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You can pull all three of your reports at www.annualcredit You are allowed to do this every year. My advice is to spread out your three free report (from three different reporting bureaus) through out the year. It is also a good way to remember when you pulled your report so you can monitor your credit. What I like to do is pull one every three months and then mark the date on my calendar and also which report I pulled.

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Deanne (not verified)

I have a judgement against me and they are after my car I am disabled and this is the only vehicle I have what can I do I mailed the exempt papers but they say they did not receive them

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Confused in Michigan (not verified)

I have been harassed by a collection agency for a few years Hayt, Hayt & Landau, P.L. they bought the debt from Capital One. When i was unable to pay my card anymore, i was still under my limit of about 1500, This collection agency claimed that now i owe $3500 plus and they claimed that they have a judgement on me. When i pulled up my credit report there was no judgement and when i go to the Clerk of Courts there was no judgement. I was unable to work last year for six months, was put on SSI disability and my parents came down to Florida to take me back home, because i couldn't walk or breath on my own, so i lived up in Michigan for almost two years. They never sent me anything in Michigan even though i forwarded my address at the post office. I recovered a little, but i have a terminal illness and can only work part time and am still on disability, medicaid, and food stamps. I came back to Florida to get away from the winter and all of the sudden they are harassing me again. Do they have a judgement or not? Also i am only working part time and getting SSI disability, i barely make enough to live. Can they do anything to me still or are they a fraud?

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Maryann (not verified)

I have a judgement against me from a car loan. It's been about 4 yrs now.. I am on disability what action can they take on me

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nan (not verified)

just found out i have a judgement against me and i never knew it at papers nothing.just tried to get a home and now i cant due to this , i have no idea where to start.

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Babyruth (not verified)

You can't, the credit card copmnay determines which part of the debt gets paid off first, and guess what, they always choose the low interest portion.

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john in pgh (not verified)

Collection agency said summons went to po box and could not deliver.
They claim judgement made without me atending hearing.
How do I find out what is in judgement?
Checked with local small claims court and county court where i live and nothing on file.(allegheny county in PA)
Collection Agency wil not give any copies of judgemnt . Are they required to do so?


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Zorin8 ough

5 points put up 2 days agoPeople are busy here (contemplate 60 hr work weeks, Family + kids or whatever in addition) Plus insane trips. If knowledge 8 4 or 8 5 you likely have an hour commute. i'd guess that more may be less. the majority of folks probably don get home around 6 or 7 so basically zero time to do anything besides eat or workout or whatever. the best choice is hobby groups or working in some kind or start up with a real rah rah lets have fun do shit kind of atmosphere. Otherwise yeah its difficult since everyone is a transplant and the natives are rooted in their families or friend groups.AthleticsOfficial 5 points submitted 3 days agoWe have a robust shipping plan that includes BART, AC transportation, Ferry service plan, Water cab,. as well as the Gondola Walking and biking will also be big as the ballpark is in an urban location downtown.don't forget to remember that there are over 12K existing parking spots within 1.25 miles of the ball game site. So there is the particular to drive but we will encourage public transit to take cars off the road and decrease congestion. Those spots are largely downtown so they will not impact the west Oakland neighborhoods.MsNewKicks 13 points given russian girl 5 days agoExactly this. I almost at the stage where I want to say I don want to date a guy that works in tech (Sort of for my own sanity since I work in tech so I already encompassed with similar guys for 8+ hours).It telling every one of the comment "Most tech tasks are held by men. The dating pools are actually bad for the bay area as a guy, notably if you like most other techies. You don really tend to be prominent over others, If almost every other guy is doing X, may Y. And with a nice salary is great, It not the end all be all while looking for a partner. As you said alone, Be amazing, Personable, And be excited about something/anything and that half the battle. arranging guys that I run into struggle in that department.OhHellNoJoe 17 points submitted 7 days agoThis is the truth. I bought in the mid 2000s and I have nearly $800k in equity and a mortgage less than most 2 br rentals in my city. Not having, It's absurd. This residence is a home, safety net and a large portion of my retirement.I hope people in the Bay Area just surviving would you should consider other parts of the US. I spent some time in tennessee recently. Knoxville is definitely a gem. in reality opened my eyes. Also journeyed to Raleigh and parts of NM. These places have so much to offer with references to tech, opportunities, lifestyle, homes, And can say the people are much more willing to assist and just be outright cool because theyre not part of some hyper competitive rat race/status game.

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