Debt collector validates a debt by sending a certificate of

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Hi, a debt collector validates a debt by sending the certificate of lien sale for vehicle encircle the name and address. its my husband's name alright but we have never lived in that address much less owned a honda car. how do we answer the debt collector that it is not him we have been living in our present address for 8 years now and the lien was in 2006 . please help getting sleepless nights already. requested a credit report online and disputed this entry as well as other entries that is not his. we are not running away from debt it is just not my husband's. thanks to all who can help!

I would contact your atty general and run all this by him. Each state has their own atty. general. Look yours up in your phone book. He or she will contact this debt collector and help get to the bottom of the issue. Also have you disputed this with all the bureaus?

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Hi flizbee,

Yes, I agree with fireyone. You should file complaint with your State Attorney General, and request him to help you in dealing with the collection agency (CA) . What the CA have mailed to you is not proper validation proof.



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