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I just got a letter from Merchants' Credit Guide stating that I owe 2,024.94 from verizon wireless. There client is Pinnacle Credit Services. I called them right away and the guy answer heavily hello-nothing like the name of the company-then told me it was from a bill from April 2005-April 2006 and something about verizon accounts being sold so verizon doesnt know if I have a past bill (because I asked him why do I have another account)-I am confused as to if this is real or if I am in trouble or what-please assist-I read something in your other posts about sol-do you know marylands? thanks so much wendy


Please becareful. there are a lot of scams going on out there. The best thing to do is send a debt validation letter. also if you are sure the debt is not yours I would alert the atty general and better business bureau.

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Yes, I completely agree with fireyone. It is better to validate the debt whenever a collection agency tries to collect from you. Also check if this collection agency is listed on your credit report. You will get a sample debt validation letter with this community.



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