How can your wages be garnished for child support without g

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My ex got mad at me over a dental bill for my daughter. She went to DHS and claimed I had never paid ANY childsupport (50,000). I got a letter from DHS and tried to call left msg.. with case worker, never returned my call. Less than a year later they have garnished my wadges. I never even got to defend myself or show proof that she is lying. How can this be leagle and what should I do to stop it.

Do you have proof that you paid her? If you do then you need to make a trip to the office and present the proof, they should work with you. The problem is that their are so many parents out there that don't pay that they automatically believe it when one says the other did not.

I think if you provide the proof, you will be fine. You should have had a wage assessment, this is totally out of the way things should be done.

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I agree with goodnatured. If you have proof that you've made the payments you can visit DHS and explain the matter there. If the judgment is valid till now then they may be able to garnish till now. Thus, you need to find out if the judgment is still now valid.



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