Is it legal for a Collection agency to ask for Bank statemen

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Can collection agencys ask for bank statements and health records??

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You should never give out any kind of personal information to a colelction agency including bank statements and health records. As a debtor you should be aware of your rights, and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) rules in order to properly handle a collection agency. For FDCPA refer .



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Please never give a collection agency this type of information. By doing so you are giving them all your valuable banking information and they could use it to access your bank account. Not all collection agencies (or rather most) play by the rules. They may dip in without a judgment and remove funds. If this does happen it can usually be resolved through your bank but causes a lot of work and troubles.

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Yes, once you give out your personal details to a collection agency they can just withdraw all the money from the account leaving you in more debt. One should always be very careful about giving out personal information to anybody calling to collect a debt.

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From my side I think you should never show your bank statements collection agency.

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Hi you say never give out personal banking info to a collection agency. But what if your Bank decides its fair to give out your personal Bank Statements ?

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Hi collection agency people will send statements......can we ask them statements of credit card

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