Joint medical collections on credit report

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It been 3 years since my divorce from my husband. I recently requested and reviewed my credit reports and I noticed that some items are showing up as "joint" (with my husband). But the problem is that I never applied on any of his trade lines as a co-signer, and some of these accounts are listed as negatives (medical collections). However, all of these have been paid to a zero balance.

I'm wondering as to how these items have appeared on my credit report? Are medical bills automatically considered to have joint responsibility when you are married?

What steps do I need to take to get these items removed from my CR's?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Hi Noga,

You need to provide more details so that I can give you reasons as to why these joint accounts are appearing on your credit report. There can be various reasons for this. If your's is a community property state the accounts can get listed on your credit report. In a community property state both the husband and wife can be held responsible for the debt incurred by the other during the life time of the marriage. So, let me know the state you are in.

However, if it's not the case then your husband may have used your details to incur these medical bills. Also, if you were added as authorized user on any of the accounts of your husband, it can lead to the negatives getting reported.

Other than this in some states, even if it isn't a community property state the spouse can be held responsible for medical debts. You need to find out your state laws.

Hope this helps.



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We had this happen with out son. He was out of the house and costantly running to the emergency room for the littlest of reasons. We of course did not know this. We started recieving bills in the mail and when I called to ask why my husband was being billed instead of my 20 year old son they said it was because the insurance was in his name.
This also happens now with my dental. Every time I visit we get the bill but it comes in my husbands name and me as the name of the patient. I am wondering if this could be your reason. Was the medical in your name?

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Noga (not verified)


No, the as per my knowledge the medical bills were not in my name. From where can I find if the state I live in is a community property state?


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You can get the details on community property states from "ttp://".



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