Erase Bad Credit

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Hi, I just wanted to say that I found some good information on this site.

Do you know how to erase bad credit?

Hi erasemie,

It is actually not possible to erase bad credit. You can only clean up your credit report. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) you can question an item listed on your credit report. This complaint is supposed to be investigated by the credit bureaus. The incorrect informations are to be removed.

As for the negatives you can request a "Pay for delete" (PFD) while making payments on the negative accounts with the creditors or collection agencies. However, if you have paid off these accounts before, and you had not requested a PFD during the payments, you can now send Goodwill letters requesting the creditor or collection agency to remove the negatives.

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This is good information. If there are some account that are not paid and you want to clear those up then try asking for the pay for delete. Make sure the terms and the agreement for deletion is put into writing before you proceed to pay them off.

One thing about the pay for delete though is if the account has already been sold then the collection agency could remove their mark on your credit report with the pay for delete but the original creditor would still be on there showing unpaid.

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Yes, fireyone this is very true. If a debt has been sold off and the debtor makes the payments to the collection agency, the CA can remove the negatives reported by them only, and not the original creditor.



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