HELP!!!!!!!!!! What do I do now????

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I was charged $2100 for supposedly breaking my lease 2 years ago, even though I gave proper notice and have proof. I need to get this debt taken care of ASAP so I can get an apartment. I sent a pay-for-delete letter offering to pay 25%. They denied my offer, and sent me their offer of 50%. The top of the letter states "Settlement offer" but the letter states:

We would like to make a final attempt to collect this debt. The amount you owe as of this date is $2100.08. We would be willing to offer the following payment agreement to you, providing you agree to it within fourteen (14) days from receipt of this letter.

Pay the amount of $1,000.00 and we will consider this as payment in full.

(1) I'm confused b/c it says "settlement" at the top, but the later states "payment in full"

(2) While this is more than I want to pay, I need this taken care of ASAP and willing to pay the $1,000. Should I send the letter back to them with the $1,000? Or should I send another letter before I send payment? What should that letter say???

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Hi Jen,

The settlement that they offered you is quite a good one, and I think you should agree to this. As for

I'm confused b/c it says "settlement" at the top, but the later states "payment in full"

There's nothing to get confused about this. Though they are settling for 50% of the debt, they are going to report it as "Paid in full".

You can first send in a letter on the agreement, and then the payment later. Keep proof of your payment. The letter should mention that you are willing to pay, and that you are agreeing to the offer. However, before doing all these make sure that this letter is an authentic one, and the person making the offer has the authority to do so.



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I do not understand if she has proof of proper notice can they still make her pay the this bill. I know a lot of places do make you pay the remainder of the rent or the rent up until a new tenant takes over.
Also if this is on her credit report I would suggest a pay for delete also because it could cause problems later if another renter sees that she broke her lease and was being sued. Most people do not realize this option is there until after they make a settlement payment and then it is too late.

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Yes, fireyone. This is quite an unusual situation. Though she has the proof of her paying she is getting harassed for this illegal debt.

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I was never worried about this until recently. I moved home with my parents so I attend nursing school full time. After I graduated I applied for an apartment. When they checked my credit, this came up. They told me I needed to settle this debt and show proof that I paid it, or that the debt was forgiven, before they could allow me to sign a lease. Once this is taken care of, I shouldn't have any problems.

I did offer a pay-for-delete letter and it was denied. I'm considering sending them another one, for the amount they requested I pay ($1,000). I'm not sure if it will be effective, and I'm worried if I don't accept their current offer, they won't give me another one and want me to pay for the full $2100.

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Hi Jen,

I think you can try for a second time. They may agree to "Pay for delete" if you pay the full amount.



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When they sent me the settlement offer for $1000 I did not have the funds available. I recently got a new job making fantastic money, and I was able to save up a large chunk of money in 2 months. I sent them another pay-for-delete letter offering the $1000, but they denied it. They wanted $1371, and if I paid that within 10 days of their letter, they would agree to delete it from my credit bureaus. I have the letter on their letterhead, and it is signed by their director. I sent the money via credit union cashier check on Monday, by certified mail and received delivery and signature confirmation that they received it on Wednesday morning. How long until this is actually deleted from my credit report? My PFD letter stated "by accepting these funds, you agree to delete any and all information regarding this debt from the 3 credit reporting bureaus within 10 days."

Do CA usually adhere to this?

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