Judgment not updated on credit report

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I had a judgment in 2005. Today I just noticed that on all 3 reports it still does not show "Paid in full" and satisfied. Is this hurting my score at all?

Now, if I have the status updated to Satisfied will this cause the FICO to drop (new activity)? I called the court and the OC. Both agreed it should have been updated as paid in 2005. They should have updated this in 2005, but I am just now catching it since I spoke with a Credit Union. They mentioned any open judgments will automatically cause me to be declined financing.

The OC suggested that I just dispute the information on all three bureaus and then it would update to PAID. But, I'm afraid to do that since I'm reading the FICO adjusts on activity, so should I do this? Will it affect my FICO score??


Hi Ra,

I think it is better to update the status as "Paid in full". Updating the status may initially lower your credit score by some points, but satisfied judgment is better than the unpaid or unsatisfied one.

I think you can do what your original creditor has suggested. You can use the payment receipt to dispute this with the credit bureaus.



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I would dispute this judgment as inaccurate and ask that it be deleted. do you have any documentation from the OC or the Court?

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Hi cinnamngrl,

Is it possible to dispute a judgment as inaccurate where the debtor truly owes the judgment amount?


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Aaron, you are aware that the OP paid this judgment. it is being reported inaccurately. Nobody is paying e-oscar after the judgment is paid, there is no motive to keep it on a credit report.

I always say shoot wide and take what you get.

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If there was a chance to get it removed I would not hestitate in getting it done. anyone know how often credit reports are updated.

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Hi cinnamngrl,

As far as I know a judgment if legal can stay on the credit report for 7-10 years or may be more. Yes, the OP can try disputing this. However, this does not mean that an item which is an accurate one can always be disputed. If the OP cannot successfully dispute this item off his credit report, he will have to dispute the status at least.



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each state has laws that show the length of time an UNPAID judgment can stay on your report. This can be forever, IF the plaintiff will renew the judgment. No law states that a PAID judgment can be on your report. It is not equal to collection accounts or open accounts. it is a specific court order to pay a debt.

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Hi cinnamngrl,

As far as I know and as far as I have seen paid judgments too stay on your credit report for the stipulated time. It is a reporting, and any reporting is supposed to stay on the credit report at least for 7 years.



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you are right Aaron. however it seems that many people get paid judgments deleted off. I would try I would dispute, send a 623 to the court (I doubt they will reply) and then MOV the CRA.

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