Collection on credit report

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I had a number of collections on my credit report. What I would like to know is if the type and the number of collections change your score? Like would the credit score change if the number of collections went from 7 collections down to 4?

Also, does the score change based on whether the collections accounts are just medical, or a mixture of medical and utility bills and credit cards?

Hi Dob,

The number of collections on your credit report can hurt your credit score. However, the different type of collections do not have differing effect on your credit score. Thus, bringing down the number of collections from 4 to 7 will definitely help you in improving your score.

The score however does not change with the mixture of medical and utility bills and credit cards.



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your score will change slightly by partially removing collections but the biggest change will be going from some collections to zero

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Yes, if the OP succeeds in removing all the collections from his credit report it will improve his credit score considerably.

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It would be worth the posters time to even try the dispute process.

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