good credit does not get reported

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how can i get my good credit accounts to show on my scores. i have tones of credit but becuse i keep current and dont fall behing they never get reported. i have had a few of my creditors send in account historys and have sent in some myself but they never show up. this just is not fair that i only get scored on the few things i once fell behind on.

Hi rtpeters,

Can I know what kind of credit do you have? The concept

i have tones of credit but becuse i keep current and dont fall behing they never get reported.

is not true. On-time payments or late all off your credit details are supposed to get reported on your credit reports. However, not all creditors or lenders report to all the three credit bureaus.

Inquire with the creditors and lenders about the reporting. Also request them to update the listings.



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rtpeters (not verified)

i have charge accounts with oreillys,autozone,napa,uste,ayers oil. day to day supplyers.i have accounts with mac and snap on tools oreillys equipment.every utility from my home and shop.places like arrons and rent a center.the list goes on and on. i keep every one paid and i have for years but it is true they dont get reported as good accounts and i have witnessed and sent account statments in myself and THAY DO NOT SHOW UP ON REPORTS. i am a soleproiter and all my bussines is done under my ss# so how can i get good accounts to report?

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Is all of your information right on your report? I would check all your vital information , like address and such. Also check with your creditors and be sure all theirs is correct too. I use to have a rent a center account and it was reported. With all those charge accounts surely something has got to show.

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Hi rtpeters,

The utility bills do not get listed on your credit report unless these are handed over to the collection agencies. Collection on your credit report can hurt your score. thus, it is very important to pay off your bills on-time.

As for the other types of credit, the creditors perhaps do not report to all the three credit bureaus. As I have said in my previous post, you need to inquire about this with the creditors.

Also, get a copy of your three in one credit report from and check which accounts are getting reported and which are not.



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