Submitted by sunil on Wed, 09/22/2010 - 10:13

i am not able to see my post aslo private massage

Please help me..

Hi sunil,

Can you please explain a bit more what exactly is happening when you are trying to post or view it? Then may be the members may be able to help you in solving this problem of yours.



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Anonymous (not verified)

hi Aaron,

Thanks for quick reply
when i am logout it is not getting logout also when i click view all my post or private message then it is showing login screen and once i logged in still not able to view any of those all my post or private messages.....
please revert

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Sunil, if you are facing problems of this type I think you should first refresh the page and then try to log in. Still if you face problems in viewing your posts and private message, you can try once again by logging out and then again logging in.



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