You Can Legally Eliminate Your Debt!

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Does this involve me getting behind on my payments in order for companies to work with me? Also is there a letter I can send to companies to stop accruing interest on my account?

In answer to all your questions....

We do wait for the accounts to go to collections... but have no fear, part of our service is demanding the creditor and collections agencies remove ALL derogatory remarks from your credit reports or face a federal lawsuit. It works every single time!

We prepare legal documents exposing every law the creditor broke issuing you the credit card or payday loan, etc., and force them to forgive the debt in its entirety. Trust and believe, they broke multiple laws when preparing the contractual documents that you signed.

We are a debt disputer, not a debt settlement company. Debt Settlement is far less effective, has lots of hidden fees and trashes your credit. We eliminate your debt and restore your credit - GUARANTEED or 100% off your money is returned if we fail. I have never had to issue a refund.

From the moment you enroll, we use your account balance from that point forward. No more interest, no more fees. It takes anywhere from 3-6 months to eliminate the debt, as it is a legal process and not debt settlement. You are paying us 30% of the debt, or the $3000 flat fee, whichever applies, to perform this service for you. Your creditor doesn't get a dime. If a creditor ever succeeds in validating the debt, we will offer a settlement but you are protected. If we need to settle for more than 30%, we pay the difference per our contract with you.

We (Conquest Audit Corporation administers the program) have been performing debt elimination for 6 years now and have a perfect record with the California Attorney Generals office. No complaints ever.

The program just got better as of this week...

1. No more enrollment fee or upfront costs

2. We now eliminate 70% of all debts under $10,000, instead of 65%.

3. For any account over $10,000, we charge a flat fee of $3000. A $50,000 credit card, for example, can be eliminated for $3000.00 total, payable over a 12 month plan!!!

FYI, this is nothing you can't do on your own if you only knew how. We are also backed by a legal team, should the creditor wish to take it to the next level and threaten lawsuits, wage garnishments, etc. I have had a client or two that had to make a court apperance but it was just one visit and we were victorious. Both those clients were eliminating accounts in excess of $75,000 dollars.

This is an awesome program but most people do not even know it exists. I have several fairly high ranking 'state level' politicians and even a rock star as a client.

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