does debt verification/validity?

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Does debt validation work if you really owe?

I didn't quite get your question. Debt validation is all about identifying the true worth and source of your debt. Through DV you come to know if the CA is really entitled to collect what you owe to your creditor.

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This is a vital step that must be taken whenever you are contacted by a collection agency. It is a letter sent by certified mail with return receipt requested. It must be sent within 30 days of the first letter sent by the CA(collection agency). The collection agency must validate the debt before they can list this debt on your credit report, or call your house all day.

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Anonymous (not verified)

they never called me or sent me a letter.
i checked my credit report the other day when i got denied for an apt n this was on my credit going to send the dv letter off today.

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this would be a unknown debt letter. YOu explain in the letter that you were never notified of this debt before it was illegally listed on your report.

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