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Hey all,
I am new to these forums, but I wanted to post some information that really helped me a while back. Like most people today, I was up to my eyeballs in debt and ran across this ebook about credit repair. It required some effort on my part, but the information pointed me in the right direction and saved me from wasting alot of time on useless phone calls.
It has been just over a year now and I am just about debt free and watching my credit score slowly move up. You have to be patient with your credit score. But if you do the right things, and apply a few basic principals, you will achieve your credit goals.
Hope this information helps you guys....

Good Luck! :)

Hello and welcome. I am glad to see you found our community and hope you like it. Could you tell us a little more about this credit e-book? We have heard similair things here before and would really enkoy getting a first hand opinion of a book. A lot of America is really uo to their eyeballs in debt and we all need help keeping or maybe even getting our credit on track. If you could we would like to hear a little more of the things in this book that has helped you.

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Of course Fireyone,
Honestly, i had a friend that had bought this ebook online. We went out to lunch and as usual i was complaining about money. I got 3 collection calls during lunch and she printed out a copy of the book for me. The basics of what i learned:
1.What not to worry about. I didnt realize that there are statute of limitations of alot of things. (depending on your state)
2.Many of the threats the collection agencies made were illegal and it gave info as to how to report them and stop the harrassment.
3.Talked about paying your smallest debts off first to focus on paying things off instead paying minimums to show that I payed something.
4.It gave me steps on how to dispute things on my credit report.
5. How to avoid credit scams and such.

I think you can get the info in it from other places...but this way its all in one place..i think its like 100 pages as a .pdf file. Its easy to find out what you need. As I said, it was helpful to me. I just figured i would make it easy for people to find. People on this forum may find this useful. If not, its no biggie, just tryin to help.

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That sounds like a really great book. I was aware of the statutes of limitations and where and how to report. Most people who have been here enough has probaly got it memorized. We always try to look up the states SOL if someone needs it. It would be nice to see how dispute things on your credit report. there have been different ways told around here and a few more could really come in handy. You should sign up and become part of our community. Sonce you read the book and have also been in debtor hell you could really add to the information and advice given here.

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Sounds like something I would benefit from, too. Sometimes it's fruatrating when you just don't know what 'direction' to go, first. Can you share this info?

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rachael (not verified)

Hi sdchargers,

What i understand from your post is you desire to know the ways to dispute items in your credit report. There is a step by step procedure to go about it:

1) Send a letter to the credit bureau, clearly stating the items you dispute. Retain copies of your dispute letter.
2) Send it through certified mail with a "return receipt requested"
3) If the credit bureau fails to reply within a period of 30 days send a demand letter, with the previous dispute letter and return receipt as an enclosure.
4) If they fail to respond within a time span of 45 days, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act you can insist your creditor to remove the negative items in your credit report.
5) If the dispute has been verified and the item still remains in your credit report you can add a 100 word statement to your credit file.
6) The last option would be to seek legal help.
It might be a lengthy procedure and requires patience and perseverance.

Hope That Will Help.

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It is always good practice to seek out different sources if available before giving any money to a so-called credit guru even an attorney. If interested visit the site below that digs deep into building your credit the right way.

I hope this helps. Also if you have a business and want to know how to build credit for it, visit:

I hope this helps.

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