How to remove PAID collection debt?

Submitted by clemato on Thu, 02/19/2009 - 19:45

I recently pulled my credit report to do a once over before buying another house, luckily I did for there was a notation that I was 180 days late on a payment and it went to collections. I had to make several phone calls to figure out what was going on and found out the debt was paid (how I am not exactly sure) and their is nothing they could do.

Any advice on how to get this off my report? I have read writing to credit bureaus, any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

The Best option in my opinion is to write the credit bureaus, and also send the proof of the payments.
I hope this helps

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I sent them letters today, fingers crossed. Thanks for the input.

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You can file a dispute with each of the credit reporting agencies, if the information is incorrect they will remove it. I just had this done through transunion, I called them and disputed the negative report over the phone, a paid bill reported incorrectly. With in ten days, very quickly, I got a letter stating that they investigated and remove the item. They also stated that if anyone inquire and I was denied credit with in the last two years that they would at my request send a correction to them.

I requested that they send a report to each of the other two, equifax and experian, I got a letter from them a second time, they did just as they promised, they sent letters out and had my two other reports updated.

I know that it takes some effort on the creditors part, but they can also go in and manually remove it. They may say that they can't but they can, have had this done also.

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When you file a dispute with one reporting agency do they automatically correct the error with the other ones? I had always thought that you had to file disputes for the three credit reporting agencies separately.
I can not see why the billing dept. can not just go fix there error instead of waiting for the consumer to dispute but I know they do this sometimes. This is why you should always use your three free pulls to ensure you have a correct report.

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Anonymous (not verified)

I have had a notation removed from a credit card issue. When the credit card company wrote back they said it was a mistake and where going to mail a letter to the big 3 and have the account removed, within 2-weeks it was done. So I guess depending on which side you are dealing with they will usually take care of all of it for you, but better to check than not.

If the three reporting agencies communicate.. that is a good question.

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mohammed riyaaz (not verified)

i have three credit cards bank of america,capital one and j c penny . it went on collection and i pay full but it show on all three credit report

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Well, MOHAMMED, you MAY want to try and call the Credit Card companies and find out if the accounts were PIF (Paid In Full) BEFORE the debts went to collections. If the accounts WERE PIF before that time, it's possible that the CC's can remove them. If that;s NOT the case, then they can stay on your Credit ( even though PIF..) for 7 years.

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imAroach (not verified)

i had all my credit deleted and removed from all 3 credit companies, i went to this place in LA and they gave me all new info and now im a 788 score!!))))

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It's important for everyone to understand that the payment of a collection or charged off account does NOT mean they are in ANY WAY obligated to delete the item. Unless of course you have that in writing from the creditor IN ADVANCE...

In fact, the bureaus are STRONGLY URGED not to delete items, simply because they have been paid, citing that that would diminish the integrity of the reporting system itself.

The key to successful removal of ANY item, is the quality of the disputes themselves...

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paoly82 (not verified)

I pulled out my credit report and found out that I still have my closed and paid credit cards from 1999-2001 on my credit. I dont have any receipts from paying them its been a long time. How can I delete them.

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Mommyra (not verified)

I paid my debt in full and it is still on my credit history. I was told by Trans-Union that it takes up to seven years to fall of my history. Even though it is paid in full. They are giving my a load of crap and using the Fair credit protection to cover their butts. I mean come on I paid it all off and even disputed it and they still say that they won't remove it. Any ideas?

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It is tough to get something off your report once it is there and validated. It is very possible that it will stay there for the seven years.

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