Proof on the amount I owe

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I just want to know what to do about a credit card that I owe from 2004 but then I lost my job. I didn't get any proof on the amount that I owe.

Checking your credit report will give you a good idea of who owns the debt now, many times if it has went uncollected it will be sold off as uncollectable debt. Just want to let you know so that when you view your credit report that when you see someone that you don't recognized reporting on you that it may very well be the same debt.
Being the debt is so old, it may be out of the statute of limitations, be sure to investigate this before you pay anything at all. Once you pay it will start this clock all over again and you may find it being a real headache with debt collectors.

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Rahim (not verified)

None. Try this, cut up your credit cards, all but one. That one get a bowl of water and fzeere it in the fzeerer. This will end that spur of the moment spending.2. get out all of your debts, put them in order the smallest to largest. Right it down on a sheet of paper in that order.3. after you initial payments, start with the smallest first, pay $ 10 extra to the principal.4. once you get that one paid in full go to the next one. put the amount you would have paid to the smallest and the extra $ 10 to the principal until it's paid off.5. continue this process until all your debts are paid in full.If you go to a debt cancellation company, they take a percentage for a fee and you are taking out a loan to these companies. Also you get a lower credit score claiming you are a risk factor. So do it yourself.

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