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It would not log me in last time. SO here is my post:

I have been looking for some information that can help me with a problem concerning a Capital One credit card. Each month I made my regular payments on time. With that payment I also paid a small fee for a plan that included an option that they would pay the minimum amount due once a year if there was ever a time I could not. (I am not exactly sure what the name is, but it could be payment protection.)
About 8 months into having the credit card, I fell into hard times and had to take it upon myself to use the service. This time the service held up its obligations and payed the minimum due. A year went by and again I needed to use the service, which why not use I am paying for it right? Although this time unlike the last, they didn't pay.
When I called Capital one to inform them I was going to use that service for this months payment. They said the service was no longer available and hasn't been for awhile, due to some kind of suit against them. I then went on to explain that I have been charged for this service all along. I wanted them to refund the amount of money I paid for the service because it was no longer in place. They answered No. They said they couldn't provide me with a refund .

I said well if you can't refund the money then I can't make the payment.

Now a few years later, I come to find out they sold my debt. I recieve a court summons in the mail, stating they (the credit bureau) is putting a judgement on me. Assuming that I was going to get in trouble as well as the fact I do not really know a whole lot about further proceeding with the issue, I had to set up a plan with the credit bureau to prevent any further prosecution.

Is there any possibilities out there to fix this? or what can I do to at least get the money I paid for the protection plan refunded?

Desperate and looking for some answers...

I wonder if you being the consumer could file a class action suit on them because it was a plan promised and one that you paid for and used in the past. They sure make it look good when they are marketing the product. I bet a lot of people got screwed in that deal and someone walked off with a bunch of money in their pockets from the people who bought it.

When they sell debt it can become a viscious round of phone call after phone call, hounding you to death. When was the last time you paid on the card? This will determine if it is uncollectable or not. Who has it, a collection agency or law firm, which are both and the same in some cases.

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Having done research since the incident, I have come to find out that many others have had the same exact thing happen to them. I am thinking it was right around the same time as well.

Capital One has millions, I really just don't understand why they couldn't have reimbursed my measley $300 on average. I would have continued making regular payments and my debt wouldn't be with a debt collector.

The last I paid on the card was to the debt collector on Jan 23th. As for the last time I paid on the card to Capital One themselves was a few years ago. The name of the company is EN Associates so I am not real sure on whether it is an attorney or a debt collector.

It is really ashame, I only had a credit limit of a $1000 but I owe almost $1700. I have paid them practically $600 - $700 back in the meantime. I tried to make arrangements with them to allow me to pay the $1000 but they refused.

Then not exactly knowing what a judgement was, I hurried on the matter and just set up payment arrangements.

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Since you have made recent payments the statute of limitations will not count here. If you can afford it, it is probably better just to pay it and be done with it.

If you would not hve paid it they would have sued you. Seems like they just went on a bad debt rampage and sold a bunch of it. Hopefully you can get this taken care of and move on with you life,if you have paid make sure they are further reporting it to the credit reporting agencies so you get proper credit to negate the negatives on your report.

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Myself, I thought the same thing. It is just easier to pay it and get it out of the way. Although, I just don't think it is fair on Capital Ones part. Why provide a service if the service doesn't work. THey must not realize there are websites out there like this one and people like me who speak the truth on the matter.

As far as I am concerned, it is up to people like me to inform others so they don't make the same mistakes as I did. BElieve me after this situation, anyone and everyone is going to know about this scam. I wouldn't recommend Capital One to anybody.

Unless maybe they were in the same situation as I was at the time I got the credit card. JOBLESS AND BROKE.

Many people have told me that they shouldn't have even issued me a credit card in this case. BUt Guess what ? THey did!

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If you did not have a job or any source of income at the time of application they took a risk when they issued the card. Seems goofy how they work these days.
Did you report any income at all to them? Regardless they are going to make you responsible for the debt. Do you have any updates on what is going on now?

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