Call National Credit Adjustors

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Just received email from illegal payday lender, Westgate Group, LLC that my account was being sent to collections. I had sent email advising that I was revoking ACH and that I would be glad to mail payment of $30 once refund of overpayment was mailed back to me so that I can cover principal. I never received response until now. They have referred it to National Credit Adjustors. Will this go on my credit report if lender is illegal? Should I call National Credit Adjustors? Thank you.

Not sure, but you can always dispute it and get it off your report if it does. Keep an eye on your credit report and follow the dispute procedure each has in place for removal.

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Illegal lenders can’t report to the credit bureaus. If they do so, then immediately dispute it with the credit bureaus. You can ask illegal lenders for refund, but depends on their discretion whether or not to return back your money. Close down your old bank account and open a new one.

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