Caused me multiple fees

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I currently have the following payday loans out and have caused me multiple fees with my bank. Can anyone guide me to the right place to handle these? The names of the lenders are as follows: Cash Yes, Everest Cash Advance, Hydra Fund, One click cash, Plain Green Loans, Triple Services and US Fast Cash.

Oh my, you are in a payday loan nightmare. They will continue to debit as long as your bank lets them, is there anyway that you can close your account so you can have an end to this. Once the debit stops then you can get some kind of plan in place to take care of them but as long as they continue to cause fees there will be no end in sight. You need a plan. Maybe start with the lowest one and eliminate it. You will need to communicate with these lenders and tell them that you have a plan and they need to cooperate if they want their money. Good luck, sounds like a mess.

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All of your lenders are illegal. You owe nothing more than the principal. If you have overpaid them, then ask them for a refund. Don’t worry, illegal lenders can’t do anything. Close down your old bank account and open a new one.

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