Has anyone dealt with Westbury Ventures

Submitted by SZuniga210 on Mon, 09/17/2007 - 21:51

What can I do. Westbury Ventures took money that was not aurthorized. I did have a payday loan from loan shop, xpress cash, and DMS Mkting. Now, bank is negative from the overdraft fees. These loans are from an old bank account. How did they get my new bank account information. Can they do what they did?

Please visit the PDL section in the debt forums (link at top of page)...a whole community helps one another deal with the PDL mess.

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Did you take any loan online wherein you had given your bank info? Check please.

Is it possible to get my account number if i have not given it out?

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jhatfield149 (not verified)

it also happen to me they took money out of my account without authorization

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Talk to your bank and do a reverse pay. I hope they will be helpful.

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Val (not verified)

They can get your new bank info if you apply for a new loan, I got an email, and applied for what I thought what as a regular loan not PDL , and that's how they got my new info. According to my bank they are going to reverse it, because I never gave them authorization to draft from new checking account.

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Mustang (not verified)

Samething happen to me calling my bank to reverse.

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april (not verified)

i was just debited from my account $325.00 for a loan under a different account from 2006 they got my info from applying oin linr they are very rude and i amy trying to get legal help they were not authorized on my current acct i hope i can sue the hellout of them!!!!

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If that was not a legal debit talk to your bank regarding a reverse pay. Please check authenticity before giving out any information online. This might land you in deeper trouble.

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You can take legal steps but in this case I think you are also at fault. Personal information should not be given out without checking legitimacy.

Do a reverse pay

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mrscoolh2 (not verified)

they have tried to do the same thing to me, on my savings, i am not sure how they got that number,but i did not have the money there, so i got charges, and the bank refunded, and i closed the acct. now they are calling me, and giving and threatening on my voice mail.

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MissyMac (not verified)

I had a $390 debit from them today in my account, but it sent the account into overdraft status and the bank told me that they would be reversing the charge tonight since there are no funds to pay this. They also said that they would put a permanent block on this company from being able to debit my account. From reading posts here, I can see that this company has a lot of alias' and what's to stop them from trying to debit under another name? I've got my salary going into this account on Friday and as soon as it is there, I'm closing this account and transferring the money.
I did have a PDL with them but it was paid years ago. And our AG has prohibited them from doing business with anyone in our state.

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Never take payday loans Missymac. You are lucky to be off it but people are facing problems here.

Just a general point to mention..please do not give out your checking account without knowing the legitimacy of the source.

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susie q (not verified)

i just got debited for 260.00 from the same place and have no idea how they got my account number

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They get your new account numbers if you apply on line for another loan or apply for anything using that account information. Did you apply for something new or a new loan? They have it in their contracts that if they find that you have a new account, they will tag it, not real sure how they get it, they must all be connected some how in some payday loan database. Best not to use your account for anything online, if you have outstanding debts that could use this information.

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I found the information above out from a former collector, sorry forgot to put that in there. Hope this helps you. If you did not apply for something else, I would have no clue how they got it.

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ms luv (not verified)

they threating me they was going to my payroll dept and have my check garnish becaiuse i taken a PDL back in the summer and they told me i can have just the intrest fee taken out until i ready to pay the whole loan balance but it did not happen..
so they call my job and let my co-worker no what going on and i don't even know these people telling my business out in the public.

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That is perfectly illegal Ms Luv. Place a compliant with the AG of the state. They cannot call at work neither can they talk about anything but inquire about you to anyone they get in touch with.

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turnns (not verified)

Westbury has taken funds from my account 4 times and I have had to open a new account twice and they are still getting my money. I have had to fill out a dispute through compass bank 4x's because of this. I do owe them but they have taking money without my authorization.

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Hi Turnns,

They have been operating illegally for a long time. You should have asked your bank for reverse pays and no more unauthorized debits from your account.

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Fay (not verified)

i had the same thing happen to me. i got a pdl and paid it back. i had changed banks. about a year later i was looking for a loan online found a loan and a week later i had a debit of $345.00 showed up for westbury. my bank refunded my money.then just 3 days ago i had an other debit from them of $400.00. they need to be stopped. i dont see how they should be allowed to take money out of a different account without my signature

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Hello Fay

Had you let out your ssn? That could be the crux of the problem. Do not apply for any loans online and STAY AWAY FROM PAYDAY LOANS. They are there to allure you with lucrative offers only to suck out all that you possess.

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confused in miami (not verified)

They have contacted me stating that they are having a uniformed officer serve me at my Job. At first I was a little scaredbut I looked up severalfirunms and several people have had them do this to them. I have filed several consumer complaint with Tallahassee and I9 am disputing how much I owe.

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Mad in miami (not verified)

They have contacted me stating that they are having a uniformed officer serve me at my Job. At first I was a little scared but I looked up several forums and several people have had them do this to them. I have filed several consumer complaints with Tallahassee and I am disputing how much I owe.

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Its is a difficult situation till you face it. They cannot have any officer served at your job because they are a scamming and are illegal. They cannot seek Government(uniform) aid to acquire money from you. If you owe them pay them back just the amount that they owe. Not penny more not a penny less. Be on the safe side of Law always :). All the best

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CINDY (not verified)


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CINDY (not verified)


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Felida (not verified)

Thats great....I was never even told what i was paying for. I was so stupid to pay the money.

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You should have asked what you are paying for. Never try a PDL again. Its your hard earned money. keep it safe man.

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DB (not verified)

This company is doing the same thing to me, and I dont know why. The first took $90, then $480, I do not know who they are, or why they did this. My bank is going to give me the money back, but I had to close my accounts. According to Wesbury, they can take from any account that I have. Is this right? How can they get the new account #? How do I stop them? If anyone knows how to stop them from takin my money, Please let me know

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Keep your banks informed that no debit should go unauthorized from your bank account. Make sure that you do not give out any information specially your social security, bank information, credit card information to anyone unless its for some legit purpose. they cannot debit your account without your permission.

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Shellie (not verified)

I just recieved a call from a man saying they are going to investigate a PDL case that I have not paid back yet. Are they capable of taking you to court or even garnishing your wages?

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laurie (not verified)

it depends on what state. i keep getting emails from them and i know for a fact in the state of texas where i live they cannot take you to court or garnish your wages. the state of texas is not a debtors state. you need to check your states laws. i also know only the goverment can garnish your wages and your job should not do it with out your permission.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Hi shellie
As far as I know, nobody can take to to the court just like that. However if you know that you owe the debt, it is better to come to a repayment agreement with your CA before any judgment is declared against you. This is because if there is a judgment against you and if your wage is garnished, it will reflect in your credit report for seven years from the date of entry which will adversely hamper your credit report.

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