Big Sears Beef

Submitted by debtstinker on Sun, 12/09/2007 - 01:50

I consolidated about 5 years ago and thankfully about 2 we paid the remaining credit card debts off that were int he program, what a relief! bad news is that i had a Sears credit card, no make that i still have the darn card, and have been paying off more than the minimum each month and am going no where. are others who have Sears (are there any of you out there?) find that they are VERY difficult to work with. i was late and not only did htey double my minimum they tacked on a $25 fee and they are ALWAYS switching my darn due dates. what the hey???!! never had a more unpredictable card. I need to call them and ask them if they'll move my due date some because i don't get paid til next friday and i sure don't want another issue with them like i had last month.

oh yes, sears didn't agree to my consolidation plan thus this is why i still have that card :(

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Did they move the due date without your knowledge? This is one of those credit card companies that can really p*** me off, they do stupid stuff like this, tack on fees and it is no big deal to them.
Where do all the fees go? Anyone have any idea?

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i have no clue but i do know that yes they will not have the same due date like your car payment and such. I know that my mom is going thru this now with her bank of america card i think, they always change the due dates on her seemingly. actually, they did that twice with a whopping 32% ! can you believe that. i will never have a retail credit card again, just not worth it. they get enough of our money!

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Can you pile the extra bucks on them, like what you make here to get rid of them? any little bit you can give them will help get rid of the darn thing.

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I am not ready to pay a penny more to these people. I have been so regular with my payments only to find late report on my credit report. I have a clean report and this has dropped my score considerably. I am very annoyed with Sears.

I will advice ignoring in-store applications. They just suck you out.

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That is just plain rotten of them Laura, I wonder if it would do any good to file a complaint with your states attorney generals office about the issues that you and debt are having with them. If the Attorney Generals office don't handle it, I am sure they could guide you to whom you complaint can be addressed.

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I have already filed a complaint with the AG's office. I am still awaiting their response. I must get a call in a week or so.

Just trust me. These in store credit cards can rob you off your happiness.

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It just sounds plain stressful to me and quite frankly done right ridiculous, they wonder why the loose money, treating people this way is not good customer service.

good luck Laura and debtstinker, hope you both get some positive results. please keep us updated.

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Great, you filed with the AG office, debt stinker have you done the same, once they see a pile of these complaints coming in and see that it is a variety of people having the same problem they may actually do something about it. I hope you encourage everyone you know to use the AG office for these types of issues they can be very helpful.

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Yes cracker, I know about that. Credit magic has taught me to make people aware of these rotten stuff. I hope they take some action against such obnoxious practices.

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well goodluck laura, I hope they do too, please let us know what happens, I am sure that debtstinker is eager to know also.

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hi all...jeez i haven't been on here in a little while and i just checked this one. no i haven't filed yet but should certainly. i'll never have another card from them i don't even like doing business with them at all. they're horrible :(

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You just go to the pa attorney generals webpage for pennsylvania and you can do it right online, it does not take long. They will send you an email confirmation.

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Debt just make it fast. It will become easier for us :)

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Either of you two had any response from the attorney generals office yet? Just curious? any updates at all on this mess? The reason I ask is I was looking at sears for a new stove and they offered me a credit application, I told them NO!

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Good for you crackerjack, it is good that you took the lessons from Laura and debtstinker and put them to good use.

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