Need help to clear a paid off account from collection.

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Is it possible to get a debt that i paid off, off my credit report. I helped somebody open a Cell Phone account and they let it go into collection. I found out when i received a letter from a collection agency. In the letter it gave me and option to pay off the account for a lesser amount. I talked to the agent and told them i do not want this to show up on my credit report. They told me if i paid the full amount it will not show up so i did so.Now a year later i see it on my credit report as a paid off collection. Is there a way to get that removed? Any help will be appreciated.

Straight away send a dispute letter to the CRA. They will do the investigations within 30 days of receiving the letter and the account should be off. IS this affecting your credit rating? Did your scores drop because of this?
Good remarks stay for 10 years and fall off after that period. If its a negative report then dispute it or else it will take 7 years to fall off from your account.

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You should have got it in writing. Collection agencies will say anything to get your money. They are a very sad and pathetic breed of people.

I agree with Laura. Send a dispute letter. There is no guarantee that it will come off, but since it is paid, you do have a much better chance because the CA doesn't really care to mess with it anymore. I doubt they will verify it. They got their money and that's all they wanted.

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So sorry to say but chane is probably right, you could call them and see if they will give you a letter. Did you ever find out who opened the account? If so, did you file a police report by any chance? When you paid it, you pretty much admitted guilt, I know you just did not want it on your report but it happened anyway. You can write the credit reporting agency but I have a feeling that they are not gonna believe it without proof from the company. Hope it all works out, please keep us updated. Which cell phone company was it?

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you can call to clear the judgement sometimes if you explain to them the circumstances they will lift the judgement sooner but most the time it may stay for a year or more all depends on the business. i had the same deal on a cell phone its still on my credit but they messed up so i didnt pay my credit is excellent other than this. good luck hope for the best

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We have a couple of items on our credit that was paid off through collection.They still appear on our credit report.

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hi hummingbird,

Do these items have any negative rating? If they are good let them stay if not then try disputing.

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I don't think any accounts paid through collections are good.Are they? I always though that had a negative impact on your score. My score seperate from my hubbys is over 600, but since he has taken some loans that I have had to sign for ,mine has fallen from over 700 to what it is now. My hubby controls the income ,and I might add not to good.I can do much better if he would turn it over to me. Thats why the 2 credits we have, have never been late ,because I been paying them.We have much to many open accounts.We paid off 3 accounts this year and I do think he has gone off to make another one.;0(

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Oh yes i overlooked the collection thing. Dispute them. I think thats the best you can do for now.

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I called GC Services and they were very helpfull. All i said was,I was promised this would not appear on a credit report and it did. The girl said ok wait 5 business days and check your report. WAHOOOOO!!!

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GC services is also very good with skip tracing. They WILL find you somehow. They do alot of collections for Capital One.

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Freedom (not verified)

I recently signed up with lending tree credit monitoring for $12.oo a mnth with a $29.00 fee to veiw all 3 credit reports is it worth it to use this? My scores haven't changed with 2 pay off accounts and 2 collections paid off wondering are they really letting me see the true report since the changes to try and boost my score

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