saying no, how soon?

Submitted by Dadummy on Fri, 12/14/2007 - 00:08

how do you know when to say no with out being selfish?

I do for everyone and it seems like no one cares if i am short, Its like they think its ok for me to be without but if they need something i should be thier answer for everything. Sometimes id like to be on the recieving side but all my family and friends think im here for thier benifit. I dont think i have all that long on this earth so whats wrong with there being a little time and fun for me.

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Say "no" when you have an explanation which is meant for the people you are saying no to. So make things look like you are doing it for them.

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Dadummy say no when it starts cutting into your life, which apparently it already has, start with one and the others will follow.

Why do you think you have a short time left on this earth? You should be thinking more positive than that.

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